Connecting your enterprise

Ensure every function and system across your firm is using exactly the same data. Bloomberg Data License feeds multiple enterprise applications with comprehensive data from the same source—giving front, middle office and operational users a common, reliable frame of reference.

Data License is the technology that delivers Bloomberg’s data content sets, providing reference, pricing and regulatory data across your enterprise and feeding accounting, portfolio management and compliance systems with over 50 million securities and more than 15 thousand fields.

Delivered via SFTP or Web Services using modern web protocols, Data License is available as predefined data sets through the data bulk subscriptions service or as custom data sets through our per security service, which can deliver data immediately or be scheduled to run at a later date.

Data License is built using the latest data science tools and methods, including Tidy Data principles. Bloomberg provides a build system and all of the source code required to transform Data License data files in accordance with tidy data principles, producing multiple output formats with splitting data into clean and error data files, each with metadata.

Data License supports multiple technologies including SPARQL, RStudio, Python and Jupyter and can output Tidy Data as CSV, JSON, Turtle or XML files.

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