In volatile markets, access to the fastest, most in-depth news is essential to gain an edge. Bloomberg’s award-winning coverage of companies, markets, economies, politics and governments ensures you get the headlines when you need them most. A single, easy-to-use function provides access to the big picture or a specific detail. You can tailor your news experience to suit your needs and interests and receive instant alerts whenever relevant stories break.


A Custom Morning News Briefing

Daybreak is Bloomberg’s flagship, customizable morning briefing available on the Bloomberg Professional app and the Terminal. Filled with actionable news and analysis, Daybreak is a comprehensive read curated by Bloomberg journalists to prepare you to start your day.

Published at 5:30 AM in Hong Kong, London and New York, Daybreak starts with what you Need to Know, a recap of all the key stories that happened overnight and how they’ll affect your day.

Daybreak has two customizable sections: My Topics and My Tickers. My Topics allows you to pick from 11 industries and regions to find relevant news daily. My Tickers provides news on any of your Bloomberg Launchpad monitors. Finally, Nice to Know features lighter fare to enjoy on the way to the office.


First To Know

In addition to our own original content, the Bloomberg Professional service carries more than 1,000 news sources in 30+ languages globally and provides a powerful search engine to capture content from 90,000 web sources and social media.

First Word for Equities
First Word for Equities

Top News Wires

  • AP (US)
  • Press Association (UK)
  • DPA (Germany)
  • AFP (France)
  • Ansa (Italy)
  • Interfax (Russia)
  • Xinhua (China)
  • Canadian Press
  • Press Trust of India

News Analysis

Bloomberg’s reporters and editors create and curate news that matters to you. We have a wide set of specialized news analytics, including readership and publishing heat scores, sentiment and trend analysis. We monitor for changes in velocity in social media references around tickers, and we extract and structure data from within press releases and other original documents to speed the parsing of market-moving information.

Event-Driven News

In addition to the terminal, event-driven funds often purchase our event-driven news feed. This is a low-latency feed of our news and our news analytics and data for algorithmic and quantitative trading.


First Word was built on the idea of news for a market, as opposed to news about a market. Stories are condensed into bullet points for quick reading and include analysis of key news developments, company announcements, important media reports, analyst ratings and updates on the markets, so you can stay on top of the news of the moment.

First Word also serves local markets in local languages in Japan, China, Korea and Brazil.


To The Point

In a fast-moving market, you need a direct, immediate take on the news that matters. First Word gives you that, with an ideal mix of detail and global insight for the equities, rates, credit and FX markets.

Curated By Specialists

Bloomberg experts pinpoint the most salient news events, datasets and market catalysts, providing actionable market intelligence in a format that you can quickly grasp.

One-Stop Shopping

First Word taps the expertise and news judgment of more than 2,000 Bloomberg journalists and analysts to produce hundreds of daily stories. It doesn’t stop there; First Word sifts through hundreds of news sources, thousands of Twitter feeds and blog posts to give you the essential information all in one place.

Real-Time Saves Time

Whether it’s a sharp spike by the yen vs the U.S. dollar, M&A speculation or breaking news on a company’s bond pricing, First Word provides you smart, informative stories in a real-time environment to give you the necessary edge.

Broad, Customizable Coverage

Filter stories by asset class and content to get just the news that you want, whether you are seeking earnings previews or sterling overnight deposit rates. Features such as the Daybook calendar, the Inside rates/FX outlook or the MarketWrap provide you with a look back, and a look ahead, as you your trading day.