The Bloomberg Excel Add-in brings the power of the Bloomberg Professional service to Microsoft Excel, adding high-quality, real-time data and live charting tools to your proprietary spreadsheets and internal algorithms. The Excel Add-in allows you to run multiple scenarios simultaneously for multiple securities.

The Excel Add-in is installed when you become a Bloomberg Professional service customer, sending new tools to your Microsoft Office programs that enable you to export and customize our content. You can export data a la carte and build your own worksheets, or select from more than 300 unique templates in our Excel library. Sample templates include total-return calculators, financial statements, comparison sheets, cash-flow analysis, risk-adjusted return calculators, asset allocation optimizers and much more. You can also develop proprietary trading strategies and execute directly from Excel, using the Bloomberg FIX network.


Improve Your Presentations

Once you have data, Bloomberg helps you save time and effort creating your presentations in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Pitch books and tear sheets can be quickly formatted without having to resize, reshape and reformat data, tables and charts.

Our Data

Approximately 325,000 customers in 174 countries rely on Bloomberg’s real-time data. Many more use Bloomberg’s reference and real-time products to support their own apps, third-party apps, and through our desktop Excel Add-in.


Bloomberg’s Excel Add-in can deliver data every 300 milliseconds, painting data into your apps in true real time, and helping you rapidly create models using Bloomberg data. You can efficiently format and incorporate models into Microsoft PowerPoint to share with colleagues and clients. Our productivity tools for Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word also help you manage active links between presentations and spreadsheet data.

Open API

Now you can adopt Bloomberg’s market data interfaces without cost or restriction. The widely used Bloomberg API, with a proven and comprehensive interface, supports publish/subscribe and request/response paradigms, as well as authorization and entitlements. Bloomberg works with customers and the open community to further enhance and extend this powerful technology for financial applications.

Office Tools Support

Desktop API specialists are available 24/7 to help you construct your tear sheets and reports, build complex formulae and use Bloomberg data to its full potential.