As your firm’s front-line ambassador, you need to know more than anyone else—before anyone else.  The Bloomberg Professional service arms Investor Relations professionals with detailed analyst, investor and capital structure information, earnings and estimates data, competitive intelligence and market-moving news all connected to a powerful community of approximately 325,000 decision makers at the heart of the financial markets.


Market Monitoring

Market Surveillance
Prepare for questions from the top about company comparisons with the data and tools you need to analyze, identify and evaluate the competition. Track macro factors driving your industry and the metrics investors use to gauge value. Bloomberg Intelligence organizes information by industry, an exclusive resource curated by our experienced analysts.

See your company through the eyes of the investment community and understand the underlying factors driving your stock price. Using company and peer barometers, monitor key external developments including revisions to earnings estimates, analyst rating changes and broker trading volumes.

Stay on guard and in control of your company’s message, and reveal the big picture as it happens with real-time updates.

Manage earnings season with real-time updates on guidance calls and industry conferences. Bloomberg’s Investor Relations solution tracks more than 100,000 events and transcribes more than 30,000 conference calls annually.

Know what happens – the moment it happens – with real-time alerts for breaking news, research, price spikes, volume moves, option activity or ratings changes.

News & Industry Analysis
Never miss an important story about your company, industry or peers, with tools that keep you on top of news and research from the thousands of sources available through Bloomberg. Create custom news panels with real-time audio and visual alerts, and use our social media search filters to track what the world is saying about your company.

Company Analysis
Benefit from the same tools used by analysts, bankers and brokers to analyze and evaluate your industry and competitors.
Track and monitor the competition by fundamental data, market data, geography, organization, industry peer or business unit and compare your performance across individual business lines. Use our technology to assess fair value for your company, based on historical performance.

Analyst Management

Get to know the analysts as well as they know you: see historical analyst research and earnings estimates, access comprehensive analyst coverage lists, recommendations history, career details and contact information.
Refine analyst recommendations by price target, time period and total return rankings, then compare analyst predictions and rank them by research coverage, historical performance and judge them against analyst benchmarks.

Access influential thinking on markets, finance, economics and policy with Bloomberg research resources, which gathers insight from 2,500+ providers in one convenient place. Search, filter, drill down – we make it easy for you to focus on research for your company, its peers and your industry.

Understanding market consensus on earnings is crucial – whether you’re identifying trends or developing a contrarian approach. Bloomberg’s Investor Relations tools deliver a full range of information on earnings, estimates, ratings, price targets, announcements and profitability measures for the companies you follow.
Identify deviations of individual analyst estimates from your company’s guidance or market consensus, then drill deeper to better understand those analyst outlooks – all from one convenient location.

Stay in control of your message before, during, and after earnings season. Anticipate competitor announcements and prepare for your own via integrated reporting calendars. Stay in the loop in real time with the guidance calls and industry conferences that matter to you, plus tracking for 100,000+ corporate events and transcriptions of 30,000+ calls annually.

Investor Management

When it comes to understanding the investor community, a little knowledge is never enough. The richer your data, and the more powerful the tools at your disposal, the greater your advantage. Use Bloomberg to understand what’s on your investors’ minds. See who owns your stock or your competitors’, then track what they’re buying and selling. Understand who holds company debt using our in-depth information on bonds, loans and other debt securities.

Bloomberg lets you know your investors better than they know you. Access complete shareholder and bondholder data on your firm and its competitors and leverage an unparalleled source of information on your company’s debt holders, including in-depth information on which specific bonds, loans and other debt securities they hold.

Bloomberg provides comprehensive investor profiles, enabling you to perform in-depth ownership research. We deliver access to a broad, deep dataset and the analytics you need to succeed.

Gain critical insight into an institution’s investment styles and strategies by analyzing its holdings. Optimize your strategy by easily locating key contacts and tracking touches and interactions. Work with investor profiles for over 70,000 entities with holdings in over 50,000 stocks in over 150 countries and all industries. Leverage data collected from a wide range of sources by a highly skilled team of Holdings Analysts located in Bloomberg offices worldwide. Track interactions with your contacts to prioritize and maximize your marketing touches.

Create graphic visual records of investors’ evolving stock positions over time. Navigate activity breakdowns by sector or region with ease, gaining visibility into institutional investment and retrenchment trends. Use our tools to build synthesized tearsheets, customized by sector and region, and complete with vital contacts.

Bloomberg is the leading data source for shareholder and debt holder ownership information. Our database contains transactions and positions data from over 70,000 unique fund portfolios, 93,000 institutional investors and 444,000 insiders from 179 countries. Ownership data is displayed at the individual, issuer, investing institution, 13F and fund level. Our history for all of these is available dating back to 1999.

Our data is sourced directly from issuers, fund companies, custodians, stock exchanges, public share registries, 13Fs and individual stakeholder filings to provide comprehensive ownership profiles of over 50,000 listed companies globally. We provide ownership details for 58,000 equity securities and 527,000 fixed income securities.

Investor Targeting

Bloomberg’s Investor Relations solution makes it easier for you to identify, contact and attract suitable investors. Screen and zero in on investors using a range of filters including type and location, and use portfolio analytics to gain insight into fund manager strategies.

Bloomberg leverages unparalleled knowledge of the buy side to provide you with comprehensive view of the investing landscape for effective investor outreach.

Use fundamental valuation analysis of a company’s position amongst peers and the market to identify suitable investors.
Leverage the most intuitive and in-depth screening tool in the market to with advanced screening criteria to identify which portfolios are the best candidates to own your stock. Use our comprehensive investor profiles for proactive and informed outreach efforts.

Search for institutions and funds based on Purchasing Power, Cost Basis, Market Cap Exposure, Industry Exposure and Country Exposure using an intuitive interface with robust query and reporting.

Our Investor Screening tool is designed to help you attract and retain investment capital in today’s dynamic marketplace.


Bloomberg’s superior communications capabilities make it easy to stay connected with colleagues, influential investors and analysts. Share information and ideas across your network with ease and complete control over who has permission to see what.

The Bloomberg Profiles database makes it simple for you to search a range of biographical information exclusive to Bloomberg, giving you access to contact information and valuable insight about the people you need to reach.

Relationship Management

Increase the effectiveness of your investor relations program with our integrated relationship management functionality, including activity monitoring and performance benchmarking. We’ve developed everything you need to stay ahead of key developments and understand investor behavior.
Use one integrated solution to track team interactions with investors and analysts, and gain access to our database of more than one million contacts in the investment community.

Demonstrate the impact of your investor relations program and monitor position changes following buy-side and sell-side interactions, to measure the success and ROI of your investor outreach efforts.


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