To be successful, global markets traders need access to fragmented pools of liquidity, an intuitive execution platform, predictive analytics, and transaction cost analysis (TCA) tools to assess strategy performance, both historically and in real time.

From a single, customizable workspace, you can manage equities, futures, options and ETF trades. Access pre-trade analytics to select and trade single and basket orders from any order management system. Choose the best broker for your trading strategy with true neutrality. Route trades to the execution venue of your choice. And analyze execution performance across all venues in real time.

Bloomberg’s multi-asset, broker-neutral solutions provide decision support, liquidity discovery, order analytics and performance assessment in the global equity, futures and options markets.

Bloomberg’s execution management solutions include the Execution Management System (EMSX) with integrated real-time analytics, Indications of Interest (IOIs) and Trade Advertisements, and Transaction Cost Analytics (BTCA).

Execution Analytics

By integrating Bloomberg’s market data and content with real-time and historical trade data, we can provide trade analytics that are integrated into your workflow. Use pre-trade tools to identify and address outlying orders that need attention. Then rely on BTCA for post-trade analytics and reports that help assess transaction costs and optimize trading performance.

By combining historical trade information with our library of TCA benchmarks and market data archives, BTCA helps ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting. With BTCA, you can:

  • Analyze the moment of execution to see why a strategy or venue was used
  • Assess trader and broker performance quickly
  • Identify top-performing trades, teams, regions and algorithms
  • Compare liquidity providers
  • Determine whether natural liquidity was available and used appropriately
  • Pinpoint outliers
  • Demonstrate best execution to clients

Electronic Trading

For the buy-side, EMSX provides access to algos, dark pools, cash desks and ECNs. For futures, destinations include algos and direct market access (DMA), and for options, an integrated platform includes RFQ. Additional features include pairs trading, basket trading, a programmable API in Excel, real-time TCA, and access to our pioneering trade-cost model and the Bloomberg FIX network.

For the sell-side, EMSX offers an advanced multi-asset execution tool with no-fee access to client order flow, analytics on client orders and the widest algo distribution platform in the market.

Liquidity Discovery

On the buy-side, our global network of 2,500+ broker destinations helps traders and portfolio managers discover liquidity and run broker analytics to determine which brokers and venues can provide the best execution. Filter relevant IOI content and set alerts on select names by integrating this content with Bloomberg lists and market data. Broker rankings draw from our broad and global network to show advertised trade volume, so you can assess which brokers provide the greatest liquidity.

On the sell-side, we provide access to the largest community of buy-side traders and portfolio managers in the world, along with the tools to successfully market liquidity and execution services, and to measure performance.


Fixed Income

Bloomberg’s Fixed Income trading platform and complete execution management solution provides liquidity, trading functionality and straight-through processing for all fixed income securities, derivatives and futures.

The TSOX execution management system allows liquidity takers to send orders into Bloomberg and route them to the market. Orders can be staged directly from a client’s OMS, or uploaded from Microsoft Excel, executed and allocated in one click. When orders are filled, the client’s OMS is updated automatically. Voice matching and IB trading allows orders to be staged in TSOX where were not traded electronically (ie, over the phone or instant message), and recorded for compliance and reporting.

FIT, Bloomberg’s trading platform, links all available fixed income electronic trading products into one portal and provides multi-dealer, executable composite pricing, so you can stage, monitor, trade and allocate trades through a single function on the Bloomberg terminal. You can also trade with FIT from your TSOX blotter.

FIT is divided into a control area and a market monitor section. You can use the control area to load a market page and then choose a tab to display a security type on the market monitor. On the market monitor, you can watch rates and click a bid or ask price to launch a trade ticket.

The market monitor section allows you to watch the current bid and ask prices for a type of security within your chosen market, so you can follow market movements and identify the rates at which you want to trade. You can click a price or enable a multi-leg deal to submit a trade ticket to your chosen dealers.


Foreign Exchange

FXGO from Bloomberg is the premier multi-bank FX trading platform that provides powerful functionality for price takers to execute foreign exchange transactions with their bank relationships. FXGO is a commission-free electronic trading platform for execution of spot, outright, swap, NDF, deposit, order and option transactions.

With FXGO you can request prices from preferred bank providers, execute trades and seamlessly integrate details into order management, risk management and back office systems.

FXGO gives you access to the largest community of FX professionals and users within other asset classes, including equities, fixed income and commodities. It enables you to trade world currencies from a rich pool of liquidity and offers comprehensive post-trade reporting for the buy-side and the sell-side.

Build your own community of trading partners with IB Dealing, Bloomberg’s chat-based trading system. IB Dealing allows you to negotiate trades with multiple counterparties, parse those conversations into FXGO tickets and then receive the captured trades into your risk management and back office systems.