Every market and financial instrument is affected by domestic and international economies, making economics something you can’t afford to ignore. Bloomberg’s next generation of comprehensive economic data coverage puts information at your fingertips, making it easy to stay on top of–and analyze–global macroeconomic developments. We bring you the current and historic information you need today to help you predict where the economy may be heading tomorrow.


Analysis and Calculators

With the Bloomberg Professional service, you can observe and explore various interest rate probable outcomes to assess the possibility of central bank rate changes. Our tools help you to compare financial conditions in the US and Europe, analyze individual components of indices, track historical economic trends and access news. Analyze divergence between market consensus surveys and the actual data for major economic releases, and view the aggregate implications across business sectors. Use weekly data measuring Americans’ perceptions on the economy, personal finances and whether it is a good time to buy goods or services. Using the Taylor Rule, estimate the direction of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. You can also monitor economic conditions in areas affected by major financial or political crisis in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Bloomberg offers unique analytics that put data into context.

Data Discovery

Find economic data from multiple sources, with organization and context, including data transformation, frequency and seasonality that support your analytical requirements. Easily find what you need with centralized information on various economic indicators, and configure an economic data watch to stay on top of developments.

Data Manipulation

The economic workbench allows you to apply data transformations to economic data series so that you can perform detailed analysis of the data that is important to you, in the format that is most relevant to your needs. Transformations allow you to take data reported in different formats (such as year-on-year and period-on-period) and present it in the same format for easy interpretation and comparison. You can also overlay tradable securities with economic datasets to compare macro influence across asset classes.

Data Surveillance

Our comprehensive central bank data gives you insight into official rate actions, monetary policy reports, data, forecasts and decisions that affect your business interests. Access inflation-related data to draw conclusions about where inflation rates may go, as well as implications for future monetary policy and economic performance.


Our economic calendar helps you monitor market-moving, real-time economic data releases, with customization and alerts to notify of new releases so you can be prepared for their impact on markets. Analyze estimates by economist, estimate history and accuracy rankings to help you decide whom to follow on future releases.