You gain a completely personalized interface structured to meet your own needs—in the format that most fits your personal workflow. With 1 billion ticks per hour flowing through your data feeds, Launchpad provides an easy, efficient way to sort through the noise and focus on what matters most.


Customize and Collaborate

The most flexible desktop environment available to financial professionals today, Launchpad delivers dynamic multi-asset class security monitors, powerful alerting tools, sophisticated charting, and news that moves markets. All combined with built-in communication and collaboration tools. Shape components around other important programs to monitor markets without losing access to applications. Share any screen or data set with others through the Instant Bloomberg chat for quick and efficient discussion of real-time information.

What do you get in your Launchpad desktop?

  • Market surveillance and alerts
  • Real-time security watch lists
  • Portfolio P&L monitoring
  • Live multimedia and transcripts
  • The full suite of Bloomberg data, news and analytics
  • Live content sharing and collaboration through instant chat
  • Embedded execution and real-time order analytics
  • Presentation and exporting tools