Powerful Analysis & Data from Experienced Analysts

Bloomberg Intelligence analysis covers the macro picture to company-level operating, financial and valuation information. It’s all backed by data from Bloomberg and 300+ third-party data contributors and the research spans 130+ industries and 1,200+ companies globally.


Broad Research Coverage

Bloomberg Intelligence consolidates a variety of research coverage onto its platform, including:

Industry: Industry research coverage spans all 10 major sectors and over 130+ industries with powerful thinking on key performance factors, thematic issues, and profitability and valuation drivers for each industry

Company: Over 1,200 primers deliver well-rounded insight into a company, including financial fundamentals, third-party datasets and key factors that are likely to impact the company.

Government: Clients can anticipate how action in the government can impact companies, industries and their portfolios. .

Litigation: Monitor the court cases to analyze all potential outcomes for a given industry or company.

Credit: By better understanding credit ratings and debt capacity, clients can gain insight into the potential direction of a company or an industry trend cycle.

Economic: Economic research merges data, analytics, tools and news to give you a clear picture of macroeconomic trends, developments and the numbers that drive financial markets.

Year Ahead 2016

Bloomberg Intelligence
2016 Outlook

Driving Your Investment Decisions

Bloomberg Intelligence has created a unique approach to aggregating information for investment professionals. Research is presented through data-rich dashboards that provide comprehensive views of different verticals and their key constituents.

Together with the power of the Bloomberg Professional® service, clients gain unsurpassed depth and breadth of insight into sectors, industries and companies on an integrated platform to facilitate creative investment ideas, simplify strategic and financing recommendations and explore new industries and companies.