Quants are clamoring for data, causing soul searching at large banks

The insatiable demand for unique market data is putting banks in a tricky situation.

Data Science

Trillions in stock and derivative trades at risk over new EU rules

Trading in blue-chip stocks and trillions of dollars of derivatives could be thrown into turmoil by the European Union’s MiFID II regulatory overhaul unless the bloc acts fast to give financial firms full freedom to transact in foreign markets.

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What risks can shake the markets? Our top geopolitical ideas

While the VIX Index, a measure of near-term market volatility, has sunk to near-record lows, a number of geopolitical risks have the potential to drive market instability and affect a swath of industries in 2H.

Research and Analysis

In China's hedge fund industry, global managers are a tough sell

As China opens its version of the hedge fund industry to overseas firms for the first time, pioneers are wading into a market full of both promise and peril.

Hedge Funds

Keep Japan ‘Locust Lords’ on Twitter radar if you own yen stocks

Tracking the Twitter feeds of key day traders is seen as one way to track potential market movements, as these so-called “Locust Lords” can quickly sway other day traders to act with a single tweet.

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Japan's intrepid yield hunters boost SMAM's India bond fund

The pursuit for high-yielding assets continues to be strong among Japanese retail investors. India stands out because of a slew of positive stories -- it offers a high yield and yet the market is very stable.

Emerging Markets

Why Hong Kong's dull dollar has investors excited: Quicktake Q&A

If the HKMA were forced to act, or even chose to act prematurely, the effect would be to push up Hong Kong’s stubbornly low interest rates, marking a dramatic reversal for a city where shares are at a two-year high and housing prices have soared to records.

Foreign Exchange

Rise of robots: Inside the world's fastest growing hedge funds

Funds using automated investing processes are the fastest growing segment of the hedge fund universe. 

Data Science

Leveraged loan refinancing erases investor gain from Libor leap

Investors who bought loans hoping to gain from tighter monetary policy have been blindsided by a repricing tsunami that wiped out the benefits of Libor’s jump to an eight-year high.

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