Equity Market Minute: June 25th

Our latest Equity Market Minute throws a splash of cold water on the emerging-markets trade as the group faces a perfect storm of dollar strength, falling bond prices and policy risks.

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Global ESG 2018 midyear outlook

The asset flow to environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds is driving a proliferation of new products and competition.

Sustainable Investing

India Insight: Yields set to rise on bond rule change

The Reserve Bank of India announced an important regulatory change during the latest monetary policy review, which reduces banks’ demand for government bonds by around 2% of aggregate deposits.

Emerging Markets

Going where ETFs can't: Illiquid interval funds draw investors

Interval funds have exploded to $19 billion in assets by going where ETFs and mutual funds can't. 

Research and Analysis

All momentum-ETF roads lead to outperforming tech-sector stocks

 Momentum ETFs, the best performers among factor-based funds this year, differ in methodologies but tend to have one thing in common: heavy exposure to technology. 

Research and Analysis
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Broad commodities gaining support, showing divergent strength

In the wider scheme of investing and market performance, the 2018 commodity recovery to May 31 is a rounding error -- it promises to gain significance. 

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Copper to gold: Metals resume rally, show divergent strength

Divergent strength in April-May is a key takeaway as metals enter the summer. Despite the strongest two months for the dollar in almost two years, metals have simply marked time, backing up into good support levels.

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Bring it on; Prices unlikely to drop without another bumper crop

Knocked around by trade tension as the Northern Hemisphere enters growing season, the grains, comprising the majority of agricultural commodities, should come out with higher prices.

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Crude oil rally runs its course; Natural gas ready to burst

Absent further geopolitical risk, the energy bull appears past its prime, with crude oil-led prices signaling a May peak and underlying dynamics favoring a natural-gas rally.

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Equity Market Minute: May 21st

This week’s Equity Market Minute from Bloomberg Intelligence walks through the impact of recent currency movements on the outlook for global equity markets.

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