The $2.6 billion reason Wall Street may be pushing alt funds

A close look at where the money flows in alternative funds suggests a more complicated story.

Hedge Funds

An easy way to get some exposure to machine learning

As the financial industry embraces AI, investors need keep up with the pace of innovation and identify funds that are backing startups with disruptive potential.

Trading and Investing

As fundraising targets skyrocket, here’s how to find GPs with the most successful track record

It’s more important than ever for investors to keep an eye on the track record of PE managers and track which funds are most popular, who’s committing capital to back them and how well general partners have performed in the past.

Private Equity

Malaysia fund flows will spur buy-side technology

Leveraging technology will play an increasingly important role for asset managers in Malaysia.

Portfolio Management

Private equity leans on loans for LBOs as agility beats costs

When it comes to piling on debt for buyouts, ease of repayment makes leveraged loans more appealing for U.S. private-equity firms, even though high-yield bonds can be cheaper.

Sales and Trading
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Big private equity funds are killing it, so are small funds dead?

Private equity fund size records are being quickly achieved only to be quickly broken.

Private Equity

Private equity follows the money

Private equity firms are continuing to diversify away from, well, private equity.

Private Equity

The rise and rise of private equity

With interest rates testing all-time lows, the equity market looking overvalued, and alternative investments like hedge-funds offering mixed results, it is perhaps not surprising that an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWs) and families are channelling capital into private equity.

Private Equity

Golf's post-Tiger upswing explains Apollo's $1.1 billion gamble

The sport’s appeal faded among the millennial generation, and the industry found itself with too many greens and not enough players. Now there are finally signs of an upswing.

Private Equity

Australia's top-performing pension fund eyes more infrastructure

Australia’s top-performing pension fund over the past three years wants to invest in more toll roads and airports, betting infrastructure assets will offer among the most reliable returns over coming decades.

Portfolio Management