Private equity follows the money

Private equity firms are continuing to diversify away from, well, private equity.

Private Equity

The rise and rise of private equity

With interest rates testing all-time lows, the equity market looking overvalued, and alternative investments like hedge-funds offering mixed results, it is perhaps not surprising that an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWs) and families are channelling capital into private equity.

Private Equity

Golf's post-Tiger upswing explains Apollo's $1.1 billion gamble

The sport’s appeal faded among the millennial generation, and the industry found itself with too many greens and not enough players. Now there are finally signs of an upswing.

Private Equity

Australia's top-performing pension fund eyes more infrastructure

Australia’s top-performing pension fund over the past three years wants to invest in more toll roads and airports, betting infrastructure assets will offer among the most reliable returns over coming decades.

Portfolio Management

Hong Kong's next 20 years - Telecoms

Former telecom monopoly HKT is reasserting its dominance 20 years after Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, but private equity and foreign investors will continue to be attracted by the city's telecom market with its solid cash flow and low churn rate.

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Private equity deals signal profits in off-grid solar

The notion that solar can provide basic energy in areas beyond the reach of the central grid has been around for decades.

Private Equity

PE firms look ahead in uncertain times

Today’s environment is volatile, however there are opportunities for Private Equity firms that know how to deal with change.

Private Equity

Private equity snapping up unloved plants in tough power market

Private equity firms better positioned to weather the prolonged slump in U.S. electricity markets are snapping up generators from risk-averse power companies.

Private Equity

Mexico said to consider tax cut for private equity investors

Mexico is evaluating ways to aid private equity investors and spur growth in the industry, including a reduction in the tax that funds pay to list companies on the stock exchange, according to four people with knowledge of the proposals.

World's rich families are putting private equity firms on notice

Wealthy families used to hand most of their assets to managers to invest. Now, many are acting like private equity firms, buying large stakes in companies or acquiring them outright.