Going where ETFs can't: Illiquid interval funds draw investors

Interval funds have exploded to $19 billion in assets by going where ETFs and mutual funds can't. 

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All momentum-ETF roads lead to outperforming tech-sector stocks

 Momentum ETFs, the best performers among factor-based funds this year, differ in methodologies but tend to have one thing in common: heavy exposure to technology. 

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Commodity ETFs' rebirth dependent on more stock-market pain

Commodity ETFs are flirting with a breakout year as nervous stock investors rotate into gold funds. 

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Stocks shunned by smart-beta ETFs lag benchmarks in performance

Stocks included in an index tracking a factor, such as low volatility or momentum, tend to outperform broader benchmarks such as the S&P 500, while those that are excluded tend to lag behind. 

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Finding sustainability across asset classes

Wealthy investors often look into sustainable investments, hoping they can replace traditional assets in their portfolio with sustainable ones, but building out a variety of asset classes in sustainable finance has been a challenge.

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Volatility revival speeds investor migration to cheapest ETFs

Increased market volatility will likely continue to intensify the shift of investment flows into the cheapest ETFs.

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How passive are ETFs? Flows' $50 billion swing raises questions

ETF flows have been swinging by $40-$50 billion a week as investors react to volatility and selloffs for the first time in years. ETF flow volatility has tripled this year, yet "passive" investing is no myth: The unrest is mostly isolated to highly liquid U.S. equity ETFs from State Street that institutions trade.

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Sustainable investing grows on pensions, millennials

Sustainable investing is moving to broader investment analysis from the confines of specialty funds. 

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Cost-obsessed ETF investors mean record $1 trillion boom

The rapid expansion of ETFs is part of a sea change in asset management, with money moving into passive, lower-cost investments and away from actively managed funds.

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Grittier Hong Kong districts may prove alluring to wealthy investors

As Hong Kong tycoons sell office space in Central, the island’s business and retail hub, wealthy investors may do better to look for buying opportunities in less prestigious areas such as Island East.

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