Do IR teams give sell-side analysts equal amounts of time?

Successful IR comes down to managing your time (and your management’s time) effectively.


Trillions in stock and derivative trades at risk over new EU rules

Trading in blue-chip stocks and trillions of dollars of derivatives could be thrown into turmoil by the European Union’s MiFID II regulatory overhaul unless the bloc acts fast to give financial firms full freedom to transact in foreign markets.

Sales and Trading

Wearing two hats: Small-caps and balancing IR with another role

Two small-cap IR professionals talk about the challenges of balancing IR with another role.

Investor Relations

To what extent do companies produce and publish internal consensus estimates?

New research from IR Magazine highlights different regional practices among IR teams.

Investor Relations
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Five insights about the future of news technology

Technology has been the driving force behind that change, undoubtedly, shaking up the news industry in a variety of ways.

Investor Relations

How to run a world-class IR department

How can IROs successfully navigate the different aspects of their increasingly complex role?

Investor Relations

Australian investors push reluctant companies on ESG

Australian companies may face greater scrutiny on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, given the high level of investor focus.

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