As emerging markets sell off, the biggest one's doing just fine

Within a chorus of warnings about the threats facing emerging markets, little is being said about the largest of them all.

Emerging Markets

Ringgit, Mexico’s peso, Turkish lira could be targets in trade war

As fair trade moves to the top of the agenda, undervalued currencies risk political ire.

Foreign Exchange

Trade war of words risks collateral damage for currencies

Currencies are one of the most potent weapons in a trade war.

Foreign Exchange

Sterling’s `fair’ value ignores Brexit reality

Expect abundant volatility in the years to come as the value of sterling reflects ever-changing versions of the final deal.

Foreign Exchange

Why euro bulls are still optimistic

The shared currency is headed for its worst run of weekly losses in more than three years,

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Making sense of the world's cryptocurrency rules

Getting your head around cryptocurrencies was hard enough before governments got involved. But now policy makers around the world are drawing up fresh regulations on everything from exchanges to initial coin offerings and the rules can vary wildly given a lack of global coordination among authorities.

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Hunt for Asia's next big currency trade lands on ringgit, yuan

Malaysia’s ringgit and China’s yuan are emerging as Asia’s most-promising currencies for fund managers as they look for the best place to put their money in the new year.

Foreign Exchange

The $42 billion reason Turkey's lira may not be cheap enough yet

The Turkish lira hasn’t been this cheap in more than a decade, but that’s done little to correct an economic imbalance that makes it vulnerable to more losses.

Foreign Exchange

Brexit-battered pound as volatile as emerging-market currencies

The British pound has more in common with the Colombian peso and the Polish zloty than you may think.


It looks like another rough year for the dollar in 2018

The dollar is heading for its worst year in more than a decade, and bearish projections are still piling up.

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