Here's how one family office bought a wind farm. Now you can too

Operating wind and solar farms typically benefit from long-term contracts with investment-grade utilities. It’s the type of investment that’s now attracting institutional investors such as pension funds and insurers—and appeals to climate-focused family offices.

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One Kuwaiti family office says legacy is worth more than money

The Al Duaij family started Alea in 1998, a single-family office that invests the wealth his family accumulated through a string of businesses stretching back to the 17th century.

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The family office world grapples with how to confront corporations

Should private wealth embrace shareholder engagement and even shareholder activism? Why are few foundations or billionaires with strong values using their public stockholdings to push for change? Such questions are drawing the attention of wealthy people and family foundations across the country.

Sustainable Investing

Finding sustainability across asset classes

Wealthy investors often look into sustainable investments, hoping they can replace traditional assets in their portfolio with sustainable ones, but building out a variety of asset classes in sustainable finance has been a challenge.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing grows on pensions, millennials

Sustainable investing is moving to broader investment analysis from the confines of specialty funds. 

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Family offices try to treat artwork as just another asset

From what may have once been the founder's hobby, family offices are hiring art advisers, curators, and lawyers specializing in art transactions as people are trying to make art work more like a conventional investment.

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Making sense of the world's cryptocurrency rules

Getting your head around cryptocurrencies was hard enough before governments got involved. But now policy makers around the world are drawing up fresh regulations on everything from exchanges to initial coin offerings and the rules can vary wildly given a lack of global coordination among authorities.

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Grittier Hong Kong districts may prove alluring to wealthy investors

As Hong Kong tycoons sell office space in Central, the island’s business and retail hub, wealthy investors may do better to look for buying opportunities in less prestigious areas such as Island East.

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These people move fast: Wealthy families are speedy dealmakers, and they’re beating private equity at its own game

Wealthy families are speedy dealmakers, and they’re beating private equity at its own game.

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What’s your worst nightmare? Here’s how to find out if your portfolio is ready for it

Family Offices need to be strategic about asset allocation, because the right diversified approach can help mitigate losses in stressed markets.

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