A government you can trust

The UAE is well-positioned to be a regional leader in building transparency and increasing trust in government and was ranked among the most trusted in the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer.

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Saudi Arabia Insight: 2H Outlook - Faster growth on old engines

For all the talk about transforming Saudi Arabia’s economy, it’s still driven by the same old engine: government spending fueled by oil revenue.

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Asia central banks juggling risks find solace in stable food

Asian central bankers grappling with wobbly markets, higher energy costs and simmering trade tensions are getting relief from an old foe: food prices.


India Insight: Yields set to rise on bond rule change

The Reserve Bank of India announced an important regulatory change during the latest monetary policy review, which reduces banks’ demand for government bonds by around 2% of aggregate deposits.

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World’s most predictable stock trade faces a China reckoning

In China’s volatile equity market, at least one thing’s been a certainty: initial public offerings price low and then rally like crazy.

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Love for China is real as foreign traders spend record on bonds

Buying is greater than China’s net debt issuance this year.

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A guide to China’s $10 trillion shadow-banking maze

Shadow banking in China has ballooned into a $10 trillion ecosystem which connects thousands of financial institutions with companies, local governments and hundreds of millions of households. The practice is now at the center of a Chinese government-led regulatory crackdown aimed at defusing financial risks that threaten the wider economy.

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Despite geopolitical concerns, investors see burgeoning opportunity in China

An emerging trade war between China and the US, market volatility and rising interest rates aren’t fazing Asian investors and asset managers.

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South Africa needs extraordinary measures to boost growth

“We now have a great opportunity to put land to good use,” President Ramaphosa said. “To take it out of those hands, lazy hands I might say, and put it into the working hands of our people.”

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New Chinese MSCI members offer intoxicating investment choice

The introduction of the domestic shares into MSCI's emerging market index presents investors with a choice of which industry holds the most growth potential in China: alcohol or the internet.

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