Quants are clamoring for data, causing soul searching at large banks

The insatiable demand for unique market data is putting banks in a tricky situation.

Data Science

Executive interview: Gideon Mann, head of data science, Bloomberg

Find out how Bloomberg’s Gideon Mann balances the certainty of analytics with the alchemy of machine learning.

Data Science

Quant on quant: Picking winners in the era of machine investing

The burgeoning field of computer-driven investing has grown so large and complex that a Singapore family office has decided you need a quant to find the right quants.

Family Offices

Rise of robots: Inside the world's fastest growing hedge funds

Funds using automated investing processes are the fastest growing segment of the hedge fund universe. 

Data Science

Could deep learning dethrone HFT?

Deep learning is setting itself up to displace high-frequency trading which has dominated many of the electronically traded markets since approximately 2007.

Data Science
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Apple's billion devices give augmented reality edge over Google

Alphabet Inc.’s Google beat Apple by three years in releasing AR tools, but its features are on very few phones and haven’t gained wide acceptance. By contrast, Apple can easily pair its software and devices, an advantage that will help it quickly make up lost ground.

Data Science

Quant funds that chase trends are this year's biggest losers

Between sleepy movements in global assets and short-lived macro shocks, programmatic investors who make their fortunes chasing momentum have had a particularly rough year.

Data Science

Fintech's coming to trounce India's banks

In the match for India's financial services future, fintech just scored twice while banks are still struggling to retrieve the ball they scuffed into their own net. It's just the start of what looks like a bruising battle for traditional lenders.

Data Science

7 must-have traits for a successful data team

Use this framework to build your data team – or to become a member of a data team – having in mind softer skills can ensure data initiatives actually deliver business value.

Data and Tech Operations

Finding novel ways to trade on sentiment data

Quants develop innovative methods to help reveal embedded signals in one of the more popular sources of unconventional financial data: sentiment analysis of news stories and social posts.

Data Science