Prices for success

Investment decisions can only be optimized by minimizing—as far as possible—tracking error to benchmarks. This requires basing both portfolio management and measurement on the most accurate pricing information available in the market.


Assessing cyber security risk: 10 questions organizations should be asking

Organizations today are wrestling with the difficult challenge of encouraging employees to innovate with data while managing the tricky security conundrum this has become.

Data and Tech Operations

Has big data reached a tipping point in the cloud?

Development of cloud-based in-house analytical systems has effectively become the tipping point for businesses to commit to a big data solution.

Data Management

The skills and traits of a next-generation CIO

If old-school CIOs cling to an IT-business-as-usual attitude, they risk becoming second-class citizens in the executive suite.

Data and Tech Operations
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Rise of robots: Inside the world's fastest growing hedge funds

Funds using automated investing processes are the fastest growing segment of the hedge fund universe. 

Data Science

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with application-ready data

For most financial firms, integrating the vast amount of data created every day remains a costly and burdensome challenge.

Data Management

Quant funds that chase trends are this year's biggest losers

Between sleepy movements in global assets and short-lived macro shocks, programmatic investors who make their fortunes chasing momentum have had a particularly rough year.

Data Science

Using governance to achieve data quality objectives

Financial institutions and regulators have long realized that data quality is central to achieving complete transparency into markets and banking operations.

Data Governance

Fintech's coming to trounce India's banks

In the match for India's financial services future, fintech just scored twice while banks are still struggling to retrieve the ball they scuffed into their own net. It's just the start of what looks like a bruising battle for traditional lenders.

Data Science