Swaps collateral rules put market at risk of splintering

The collateral requirement is one of the bedrocks of global regulatory efforts to curb risk in the market after swaps were blamed by lawmakers for fueling the financial crisis.


Treasurers consider collateral as risk mitigation trumps liquidity concerns

Collateral management has never been at the top of the agenda for corporate treasurers, but the situation has changed in the last five to seven years.

Corporate Treasury

Managing counterparty risk with collateral

How can collateralization help mitigate counterparty risk in OTC derivative transactions?

Credit and Counterparty Risk

Low yields, counterparty risks worry treasurers

Corporate treasurers face numerous headwinds in investing cash and funding their balance sheets, many brought on by post-crisis regulatory initiatives.

Corporate Treasury

Unravelling the derivative counterparty credit risk conundrum

With auditors increasingly scrutinizing derivative valuations in terms of non-performance risk, understanding counterparty valuation adjustments is becoming a necessity for many corporate treasurers.

Credit and Counterparty Risk
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