Gold's rally against oil is just beginning

Even as some analysts decry that gold is looking expensive, the rally may be just getting going.


Iron's Jekyll-and-Hyde moment shows this rally's 'dangerous'

Iron ore’s latest rally has run beyond fundamentals and there’s a risk of a sharp reversal as prices tumble back below $50 a metric ton next year.


Gold is getting really bored with the world

As political leaders find ways to shock like never before, the world’s favorite haven investment hasn’t been calmer in years.


Steelmakers are worth the most in years and it's thanks to China

Steel stocks are trading at the highest since 2011 and it’s mostly thanks to the industry’s biggest menace in recent years: China.


Investors are pouring money into silver ETFs

Silver, known for being a market of extremes, is living up to its reputation this year.

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Gold buyers flee a month after their most bullish bet of '17

A month ago, money managers were the most optimistic on gold this year. Now, they can’t seem to unload bullion fast enough.


Reasons you shouldn't worry about money flowing out of China

Emerging economies face a long-standing risk: At the first sign of trouble, investors—and their money—head for the exits, with serious consequences for the currency, financial markets and growth.

Emerging Markets

Once dominant, oil stocks see influence shrinking everywhere

Everyone knows the rapidly shrinking energy sector has seen its influence on equity indexes wane. But oil-and-gas companies are also losing pull in a corner of the market they once dominated: value stocks.


Shale 'escape velocity' requires high cash margins

The bandages that U.S. E&Ps put on wounded balance sheets after oil's 2016 rebound are about to peel off as prices threaten to sink below $40 a barrel, hurting their ability to self-fund production growth.

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