Apple's billion devices give augmented reality edge over Google

Alphabet Inc.’s Google beat Apple by three years in releasing AR tools, but its features are on very few phones and haven’t gained wide acceptance. By contrast, Apple can easily pair its software and devices, an advantage that will help it quickly make up lost ground.

Data Science

bqplot: Bringing more interactivity to data

bqplot allows anyone to build fully interactive web applications in Python, using surprisingly few lines of code.

Data and Tech Operations

3 top priorities for a Chief Data Officer

A growing number of organizations have introduced the role of Chief Data Officer, however the priorities for this new corporate officer aren’t as clear.

Data and Tech Operations

5 goals your 2017 digital transformation program needs

It's probably a good time to define additional goals beyond business objectives that will inspire more involvement and drive digital practices.

Data Management

Singapore is beating Hong Kong in Asia's fintech race

The gap between Hong Kong and Singapore was on display last month when they hosted their own inaugural fintech conferences within a week of each other.

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Startup growth in a turbulent market: in conversation with Jordan Hu, CEO of RiskVal

Despite a massively unsettled economy and constantly evolving risk environment, real-time trading and risk analytics management software provider RiskVal managed to chart a sustainable, positive growth course through the 2008 financial crisis and beyond.

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Rock music fans pioneer route to a future without cash in Japan

For the first time at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival this summer, concert goers were able to use tap-to-pay cards issued by East Japan Railway Co., blazing a trail toward a cashless future in Japan.

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Empower your employees by embracing shadow IT

Shadow IT is often viewed as something that opens up businesses to data and security threats, leaving IT without control over business apps and services. But that attitude is changing as more businesses adopt a friendly attitude towards unconventional IT practices.

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How Bloomberg is advancing C++ at scale

John Lakos, a member of Bloomberg's Development Environment group, is an authority on large-scale C++ software infrastructure. In this interview, he discusses the importance of instilling process and discipline in all software development projects.

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The state of DevOps: Bridging the gap between technology and culture

By fostering an environment of teamwork and collaboration, companies can significantly increase their development velocity—the speed at which they update their software and fix performance issues that arise.

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