60 Minutes interview with Mike Bloomberg

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About the Bloomberg Terminal:

It’s really a customized keyboard and closely guarded proprietary software, linked to a private computer network, that provides a volume of data that’s unavailable anywhere else. Live streams from 300 stock exchanges, curated tweets, the exact location of oil tankers around the world. The kind of stuff 325,000 professionals pay $25,000 to rent for one year. If you do the math it adds up to about $8 billion.

Michael Bloomberg: But let’s say you want to look at a stock, General Motors, for example.

After using his fingerprint to log onto his account, Bloomberg gave us a peek behind the curtain.

Supply Chain Analysis: SPLC <GO>

Michael Bloomberg: On the left are all of the companies that sell parts and to General Motors. And on the right are all of the companies that buy General Motors output. Generally cars. The different indices that General Motors stock is in. Here are the other companies that compete with them. Here are the big holders of their stock, analysts that follow it, who’s on the board, who works in the company.

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Watch Steve Kroft’s full interview with Mike Bloomberg on 60 Minutes here.

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