As China's vast bond market opens up, here's the best way in

Although China’s sovereign and corporate yields look ­attractive when compared with low returns available elsewhere, investors remain wary. Finding true ­opportunities and understanding the risks of the Chinese market aren’t easy for foreign investors.

Fixed Income

Do IR teams give sell-side analysts equal amounts of time?

Successful IR comes down to managing your time (and your management’s time) effectively.


Britain and EU clash over Brexit timetable for trade deal

By giving out more details of where it stands and spelling out its demands, the U.K. wants to change the narrative that it’s been too vague, and by doing so jolt the EU into talking trade sooner.


Wealthy investors are leaving hedge funds for real estate

Wealthy investors boosted bets on real estate and left hedge funds and equities as concern over high valuations and geopolitical risk push them back to basics.

Family Offices

Illiquid credit doubles to lead growth in alternative assets

Alternative investments increased 10 percent last year among the 100 largest such money managers globally to $4 trillion, paced by a jump in illiquid credit assets.

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Prices for success

Investment decisions can only be optimized by minimizing—as far as possible—tracking error to benchmarks. This requires basing both portfolio management and measurement on the most accurate pricing information available in the market.


China's economic speed bump may reignite bond default wave

China had unexpected buoyancy in its economy to thank for an easing off in corporate defaults in the first half. But as growth shows signs of pulling back, the question is: will it last?

Emerging Markets

Brazil public finances need growth and friendly politicians

If Brazil’s top economic policy makers want to hit their new budget targets, they will need a little help from their friends in Congress. President Michel Temer’s administration has committed itself to a 2018 fiscal goal that depends on Congress passing measures to rake in 18 billion reais ($5.7 billion) in much-needed revenue.

Emerging Markets

Private equity follows the money

Private equity firms are continuing to diversify away from, well, private equity.

Private Equity

Taming of Asia's most volatile currencies creates new danger

Policy makers in Indonesia and Malaysia have been so successful in quashing currency volatility that this is breeding a new danger: complacency.