There’s a reason people are worried about low volatility

Investors and policy makers who have worried about the historic slide in stock volatility the past year might have had good reason to do so: most market crashes are preceded by exactly that pattern.

Market Risk

New EU market rules could kill brokers’ morning notes

It's the end of an era! The morning-note genre, well-known musings of analysts and strategists that work as one of the ways investment banks market their services to potential clients, may cease to exist under MiFID II.


Assessing cyber security risk: 10 questions organizations should be asking

Organizations today are wrestling with the difficult challenge of encouraging employees to innovate with data while managing the tricky security conundrum this has become.

Data and Tech Operations

Will New York gain from a ‘hard’ Brexit?

If the negotiations over the UK leaving the EU result in a ‘hard’ Brexit this will fragment the European wholesale banking market and make it significantly less profitable.


MiFID seen sending European ETFs over trillion dollar mark

A little transparency could mean a lot of cash for Europe’s burgeoning exchange-traded fund industry.

Portfolio Management
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Everyone's dumping the pound and real money's just getting started

The pound remains unloved across investor groups, with real-money sales of the U.K. currency only just getting started.

Foreign Exchange

Executive interview: Gideon Mann, head of data science, Bloomberg

Find out how Bloomberg’s Gideon Mann balances the certainty of analytics with the alchemy of machine learning.

Data Science

Iron's Jekyll-and-Hyde moment shows this rally's 'dangerous'

Iron ore’s latest rally has run beyond fundamentals and there’s a risk of a sharp reversal as prices tumble back below $50 a metric ton next year.


Why Volcker Rule reform won't happen quickly

The Volcker Rule may become a principal talking point in a priority for the Trump administration: regulatory harmonization.


Regional bond dealers growing despite regulatory burden

Nearly a decade after the global credit crisis, a new fixed-income ecosystem is taking form.

Fixed Income