EU draws Brexit battle lines for banks

The end of business as usual for the City of London could deal a blow to the U.K’s services-dependent economy, and to the continent, potentially increasing the cost of capital and fragmenting capital markets.


MiFID's cautious start on bond-price rules shows lobbying impact

Banks, asset managers and trading platforms have long argued that the transparency requirements in MiFID II are ill-suited to a market dominated by securities that investors typically buy and hold to maturity.


Hunt for Asia's next big currency trade lands on ringgit, yuan

Malaysia’s ringgit and China’s yuan are emerging as Asia’s most-promising currencies for fund managers as they look for the best place to put their money in the new year.

Foreign Exchange

Municipal bonds' biggest challenges? Pensions and tax reform

Key challenges for the $3.6 trillion municipal bond market continue to be related to pensions and the ever-growing slice of spending consumed by retirement and health care.

Research and Analysis

Alphabet soup of regulation affects Family Offices, too

The long arm of the regulations stretches well past financial institutions and directly into the backyards of family offices.

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Emerging markets shrug off crises for best gains in eight years

2017 is set to go down as the year when easy monetary policy and budding global growth came together to deliver blockbuster returns for the world’s emerging markets.

Emerging Markets

How IFRS 9 can unite risk and accounting

International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9 gives organizations a unique opportunity to align risk and accounting functions.


ETF investors are ditching corporate credit for treasuries

Are investors in exchange-traded funds done with corporate bonds?

Fixed Income

Four reasons why you shouldn't count gold out just yet

Despite suffering its worst week since May last week, the outlook for gold could be stronger now than it has been for several months.


China insight: bond traffic lights flash amber as stress builds

The “traffic lights” scorecard combines market, policy, and economic indicators to track changing conditions to help make sense of China's market developments in November.

Fixed Income