Gold is getting really bored with the world

As political leaders find ways to shock like never before, the world’s favorite haven investment hasn’t been calmer in years.


Rise of robots: Inside the world's fastest growing hedge funds

Funds using automated investing processes are the fastest growing segment of the hedge fund universe. 

Data Science

The rise and rise of private equity

With interest rates testing all-time lows, the equity market looking overvalued, and alternative investments like hedge-funds offering mixed results, it is perhaps not surprising that an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWs) and families are channelling capital into private equity.

Private Equity

How to build a soccer industry: Balls, players, China's billions

The breathtaking speed of change in China has reached the world’s most popular game. It’s turned transplants like Davidsen into accidental pioneers helping to create a new, staggering $740 billion sports industry by 2025, underpinned by a full-frontal assault on soccer.

Emerging Markets

Leveraged loan refinancing erases investor gain from Libor leap

Investors who bought loans hoping to gain from tighter monetary policy have been blindsided by a repricing tsunami that wiped out the benefits of Libor’s jump to an eight-year high.

Sales and Trading
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Why demonstrating OTC fixed income best execution may require trade reconstruction under MiFID II

Because of the heavy reliance on voice or electronic market color, trade reconstruction is a critical component to the investigatory part of OTC trade management analysis.


Could deep learning dethrone HFT?

Deep learning is setting itself up to displace high-frequency trading which has dominated many of the electronically traded markets since approximately 2007.

Data Science

Hong Kong's next 20 years: Real estate

Housing demand in Hong Kong should remain robust over the next 20 years, driven by the increase in population and smaller-sized households. However, Hong Kong developers could lose market share of residential sales due to the expansion of Chinese builders.

Research and Analysis

Steelmakers are worth the most in years and it's thanks to China

Steel stocks are trading at the highest since 2011 and it’s mostly thanks to the industry’s biggest menace in recent years: China.


The worst of Mexico's inflation and growth struggles may be over

After months of investor concern that slammed everything from Mexico’s currency to its inflation outlook, the nation’s economy is riding a good streak.

Emerging Markets