Global Procurement

The mission of the Global Procurement department is to provide a sustainable, competitive advantage to Bloomberg by establishing a best-in-class Global Procurement team that maximizes the value that service providers bring to our business units.

The Global Procurement department is dedicated to achieving excellence in providing procurement services to the enterprise and attaining recognition as knowledgeable and innovative professionals. We envision our role as members of an organization in which teamwork, respect and transparency are valued, and employees take pride in everything they do. We strive to provide quality “customer-oriented” procurement services. Quality is defined as the continuous improvement of procurement services by understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our internal Bloomberg customers.


We are pleased to announce a new initiative for improving and streamlining our procurement and accounts payable processes by implementing an automated solution. To meet our compliance needs, and fulfill our vision of moving away from paper-based and manually transmitted transaction documents, we have partnered with Ariba, an SAP company, to transact business electronically through the Ariba® Network. Ariba has been providing this electronic platform to global businesses of all sizes since 1996, and we are excited about making it available to our suppliers.

One of the reasons we selected Ariba as our partner is that being on the Ariba Network and doing business with us electronically offers multiple benefits, including:

More streamlined collaboration with Bloomberg on purchases and payment processing

Greater cost reduction in business / overhead expenses

One access point to update your information and check your payment status

Increased visibility of your product offering to potentially expand sales to customers outside of Bloomberg on the Ariba Network

Becoming a Bloomberg Supplier

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Bloomberg. All suppliers are expected to register on the Ariba Network in order to maintain supplier information with Bloomberg going forward. Registration is simple, easy and there is no cost to suppliers. Upon successful registration as a Bloomberg supplier, all suppliers will have access to a secure portal allowing them to:

Update address, phone number or other contact information

Edit payment method and banking details

To login to the Ariba Supplier Portal, suppliers should review the email confirmation from Bloomberg. If you have already registered, you can click the link below. All suppliers must receive an invitation to register from Bloomberg in order to begin the supplier registration process.

Login link to Ariba Supplier Portal.

Please note: To complete the supplier registration process, you will leave the Bloomberg site and will be directed to the Ariba site. If currently registered with Ariba, please logon to establish a relationship with Bloomberg and complete Bloomberg questionnaire.

Please note registering does not guarantee or imply that you will receive an invitation to a sourcing event, new business or a contract from Bloomberg. If Bloomberg determines there is a match between your product/service and our needs, we will contact you.

New supplier registration process:

Step 1: Submit registration

Complete and submit the online registration form

Step 2: Email received

You will receive an email from Ariba (our registration platform) to confirm your e-mail address

The e-mail will contain a customized link so you can complete the registration process

The link will guide you to your company profile landing page

Step 3: Complete & submit profile

Complete profile information/questions

Attach required forms, if applicable

Review information and submit

Job aid for self-registration Companies and Individuals
Ariba Company Self Registration
Ariba Individual Self Registration


Bloomberg has chosen to use Ariba’s e-Invoicing solution as its platform for processing invoices from suppliers. Bloomberg will communicate to your organization if you have been identified for the program and will work with you to enable your organization on the Ariba Network. If you have completed registration for e-Invoicing on the Network, please submit all your invoices via Ariba. Please do not send invoices directly to Bloomberg as we will not be able to process them and this will lead to a delay in payment.

If you are not registered on the Ariba Network for e-Invoicing, but wish to join Bloomberg’s e-Invoicing initiative, please contact the Bloomberg Ariba Enablement team at

e-Invoicing guide

If you are not participating in a Bloomberg-approved electronic invoicing initiative, suppliers should email invoices to the following regional inboxes:

North America (general invoices):
Latin America:

When submitting invoices to Bloomberg please include the following in order to help reduce delays in the processing of your invoice:

1. Company Name and “remit to” address

2. Invoice reference number

3. Invoice Date

4. Contact email and phone number

5. Full name of the Bloomberg contact who requested goods/services

6. PO Invoices: Please ensure a valid PO number is referenced on the invoice

7. A clear description of goods/services provided with the service period

For status of Invoice, Payment or other Accounts Payable inquiries, please call us at 212-318-2000 and ask to speak with the Accounts Payable Customer Service Team or email us at

For questions regarding registration, configuration, fees, or general Ariba Network questions, have your vendor(s) contact Ariba Network Support at