Acacia Pharma Group plc: Second Mid-Stabilisation Period Announcement



Cambridge, UK and Indianapolis,  USA, 20 March 2018   Acacia Pharma Group  plc 
("Acacia Pharma", the "Company"  or the "Group";  Euronext: ACPH), a  hospital 
pharmaceutical group focused on the  development and commercialisation of  new 
nausea &  vomiting  treatments for  surgical  and cancer  patients,  has  been 
informed by Bank Degroof Petercam NV/SA  acting as the stabilisation agent  in 
connection with the  Company's Initial  Global Offering  on Euronext  Brussels 
(the "Global Offer"),  that it undertook  stabilisation activities within  the 
meaning of Article  3.2(d) of  the Market  Abuse Regulation  (EU 596/2014)  in 
relation to the offer of the following securities, as set out below.

 Issuer                 Acacia Pharma Group plc
 Securities             Ordinary shares (ISIN GB00BYWF9Y76)
 Global Offer size      11,111,111 ordinary shares
 Offer price            EUR 3.60 per share
 Market                 Euronext Brussels
 Ticker                 ACPH (Ordinary shares)
 Stabilisation Manager  Bank Degroof Petercam, Rue Guimard 18, 1040 Brussels

Stabilisation transactions

   Date       Aggregate number of securities      Number of   Price  Execution
                         purchased              transactions  range    Venue
 5/03/2018                              699,432           106 3.31 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
 6/03/2018                               31,679             6 3.35 - Euronext
                                                               3.44  Brussels
 7/03/2018                               15,950            19 3.45 - Euronext
                                                               3.49  Brussels
 8/03/2018                               20,277            22 3.45 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
 9/03/2018                               19,536            10 3.49 - Euronext
                                                               3.53  Brussels
12/03/2018                                5,692            10 3.56 - Euronext
                                                               3.59  Brussels
13/03/2018                               17,845            13 3.50 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
14/03/2018                                3,676             5 3.50 - Euronext
                                                               3.51  Brussels
15/03/2018                                3,000             5 3.50 - Euronext
                                                               3.50  Brussels
16/03/2018                                2,595            10 3.58 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
19/03/2018                                2,876             8 3.55 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
20/03/2018                                1,528             4 3.56 - Euronext
                                                               3.60  Brussels
 TOTAL TO                               824,086           218 3.31 -  
20/03/2018                                                     3.60

All data  contained in  the above  table  has been  provided by  Bank  Degroof 

For more information about  Acacia Pharma and the  Global Offer, reference  is 
made to  the  prospectus dated  6  March  2018. The  prospectus  is  available 
electronically via the Acacia Pharma website (

Banks involved in the Global Offer

Bank Degroof  Petercam NV/SA  and RBC  Europe Limited  acted as  Joint  Global 
Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners in  connection with the Global Offer.  Bank 
Degroof Petercam NV/SA acts  as Stabilisation Manager on  behalf of the  Joint 
Global Coordinators.

For further details, contact:

Acacia Pharma                            +44 (0)1223 875130
Julian Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer
Christine Soden, Chief Financial Officer

Citigate Dewe Rogerson                   +44 (0)20 7638 9571
(PR advisor to Acacia Pharma)  
Mark  Swallow/   David  Dible/   Shabnam 


About Acacia Pharma

Acacia Pharma is a  hospital pharmaceutical group  focused on the  development 
and commercialisation of  new nausea  & vomiting treatments  for surgical  and 
cancer  patients.  The  Group   has  identified  important  and   commercially 
attractive unmet needs  in nausea &  vomiting and has  discovered two  product 
candidates based on  the same  active ingredient, amisulpride,  to meet  those 

The Group's  lead  project,  BAREMSIS for  post-operative  nausea  &  vomiting 
(PONV), has generated positive results in Phase 3 clinical studies and an  NDA 
has been accepted for filing by the US FDA for marketing approval. Its  sister 
project,  APD403  for  chemotherapy  induced  nausea  &  vomiting  (CINV)  has 
successfully completed one proof-of-concept and one Phase 2 dose-ranging study
in patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy.

Acacia Pharma is based in Cambridge, UK  and its US operations are centred  in 
Indianapolis, IN.  The Company  is listed  on the  Euronext Brussels  exchange 
under  the   under   ISIN   code  GB00BYWF9Y76   and   ticker   symbol   ACPH.  

Important Notice

RBC Europe Limited  (''RBC") is  authorised and regulated  by the  FCA and  UK 
Prudential Regulation  Authority (''PRA'')  and  Bank Degroof  Petercam  NV/SA 
(''Degroof Petercam'', and together  with RBC, the  "Banks") is authorised  by 
and under  the supervision  of the  National  Bank of  Belgium and  under  the 
supervision on investor and consumer protection  of the Belgian FSMA. Each  of 
Degroof Petercam or RBC is acting exclusively for the Company and no one  else 
in connection  with the  Global Offer  and will  not regard  any other  person 
(whether or not a recipient of this  announcement) as a client in relation  to 
the Global Offer and will not be responsible to anyone other than the  Company 
for providing the  protections afforded  to their respective  clients nor  for 
giving  advice  in  relation  to  the  Global  Offer,  the  contents  of  this 
announcement or  any  transaction, arrangement  or  other matter  referred  to 

This announcement is not for release, publication or distribution, directly or
indirectly, in whole or in part,  into or within the United States  (including 
its territories  and possessions,  any  State of  the  United States  and  the 
District of Columbia).  This announcement is  for informational purposes  only 
and does not constitute or form part of any offer or solicitation to  purchase 
or subscribe for securities in Australia,  Canada, Japan or the United  States 
or in any  jurisdiction to  whom or  in which  such offer  or solicitation  is 
unlawful. The securities  referred to  herein have not  been and  will not  be 
registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "US
Securities Act"),  or  under  the  securities  laws  of  any  state  or  other 
jurisdiction of the United States. The  securities referred to herein may  not 
be offered or sold in the United States except pursuant to an exemption  from, 
or in a transaction  not subject to, the  registration requirements of the  US 
Securities Act and in  compliance with any applicable  securities laws of  any 
state or other  jurisdiction of  the United States.  There will  be no  public 
offer of securities in the United  States. Subject to certain exceptions,  the 
securities referred to herein may not be offered or sold in Australia,  Canada 
or Japan or to, or  for the account or benefit  of, any national, resident  or 
citizen of Australia, Canada or Japan.

This announcement (and the information  contained herein) is not for  release, 
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failure to comply with  these restrictions may constitute  a violation of  the 
securities laws of any such jurisdiction.

In member  states of  the European  Economic Area  (each, a  "Relevant  Member 
State), this announcement and any offer if made subsequently is addressed  and 
directed only at persons who are  "qualified investors" within the meaning  of 
the Prospectus  Directive ("Qualified  Investors").  For these  purposes,  the 
expression "Prospectus Directive" means  Directive 2003/71/EC (and  amendments 
thereto, including the 2010 PD  Amending Directive, to the extent  implemented 
in a Relevant Member State), and includes any relevant implementing measure in
the Relevant  Member State  and the  expression "2010  PD Amending  Directive" 
means Directive  2010/73/EU.  In  the  United  Kingdom  this  announcement  is 
directed  exclusively  at  Qualified  Investors  (i)  who  have   professional 
experience in matters relating to investments falling within Article 19(5)  of 
the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order  2005, 
as amended (the "Order") or (ii) who fall with Article 49(2)(A) to (D) of  the 
Order, and (iii) to  whom it may otherwise  lawfully be communicated, and  any 
investment activity to  which it  relates will only  be engaged  in with  such 
persons and it should not be relied on by anyone other than such persons.

This announcement  is an  advertisement  and not  a prospectus  and  investors 
should  not  purchase  or  subscribe  for  any  shares  referred  to  in  this 
announcement except  on  the  basis  of information  in  the  Prospectus.  The 
Prospectus is available from  the Group's registered  office at Harston  Mill, 
Harston, Cambridge CB22  7GG, United  Kingdom and  on the  Group's website  at

Any purchase of Shares should be made  solely on the basis of the  information 
contained in the Prospectus. Before  investing in the shares, persons  viewing 
this announcement  should ensure  that they  fully understand  and accept  the 
risks  which  are  set  out  in  the  Prospectus.  The  information  in   this 
announcement is for background purposes only  and does not purport to be  full 
or complete. No  reliance may  be placed for  any purpose  on the  information 
contained  in  this  announcement  or  its  accuracy  or  completeness.   This 
announcement does not constitute  or form part of  any offer or invitation  to 
sell or issue, or any solicitation of  any offer to purchase or subscribe  for 
any shares or any  other securities nor shall  it (or any part  of it) or  the 
fact of its distribution,  form the basis  of, or be  relied on in  connection 
with, any contract therefor. The  information in this announcement is  subject 
to change. Information in this announcement  or any of the documents  relating 
to the Global Offer cannot  be relied upon as  a guide to future  performance. 
The price and value of securities may  go up as well as down. Persons  needing 
advice should contact a professional adviser.

This announcement  includes forward-looking  statements,  which are  based  on 
current expectations and projections about future events. These statements may
include, without  limitation,  any  statements preceded  by,  followed  by  or 
including words such as "believe", "expect", "intend", "may", "plan",  "will", 
"should", "could" and other words and terms of similar meaning or the negative
thereof. Forward-looking statements  may and often  do differ materially  from 
actual  results.  These  forward-looking  statements  are  subject  to  risks, 
uncertainties and  assumptions  about the  Company  and its  subsidiaries  and 
investments, including, among other things,  the development of its  business, 
trends  in  its  operating  industry,  and  future  capital  expenditures  and 
acquisitions. By  their nature,  forward-looking statements  involve risk  and 
uncertainty because  they  relate  to future  events  and  circumstances.  Any 
forward-looking statements reflect the Company's current view with respect  to 
future events and  are subject to  risks relating to  future events and  other 
risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to the Group's business, results
of operations, financial  position, prospectus, growth  or strategies and  the 
industry in  which  it  operates.  Save  as  required  by  law  or  applicable 
regulation, each of the Company and the Banks and their respective  affiliates 
expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update, review or  revise 
any forward-looking  statement contained  in this  announcement whether  as  a 
result of new information,  future developments or otherwise.  Forward-looking 
statements speak only as of the date they are made.

Acquiring investments  to  which  this  announcement  relates  may  expose  an 
investor to a significant risk of  losing all of the amount invested.  Persons 
considering making  such  investments  should  consult  an  authorised  person 
specialising in advising  on such  investments. The  value of  the Shares  can 
decrease  as  well   as  increase.  Potential   investors  should  consult   a 
professional advisor as to the suitability of the Global Offer for the  person 

None of the  Banks nor  any of  their respective  affiliates or  any of  their 
respective directors,  officers, employees,  advisers  or agents  accepts  any 
responsibility or  liability whatsoever  for or  makes any  representation  or 
warranty, express or implied, as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of the
information in this announcement (or whether any information has been  omitted 
from the announcement) or any other statement made or purported to be made  by 
it, or on its behalf, in connection with the Company, the shares or the Global
Offer or any  other information relating  to the Company,  it subsidiaries  or 
associated companies, whether written, oral or in a visual or electronic form,
and howsoever transmitted or made available or for any loss howsoever  arising 
from any use  of this  announcement or its  contents or  otherwise arising  in 
connection  therewith.  Each  of  the  Banks  and  each  of  their  respective 
affiliates accordingly disclaim, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable
law, all and  any liability  whether arising  in tort,  contract or  otherwise 
which they might otherwise be found to have in respect of this announcement or
any such statement or  information. No representation  or warranty express  or 
implied, is made by any of the Banks or any of their respective affiliates  as 
to the accuracy, completeness, verification or sufficiency of the  information 
set out in this announcement, and nothing in this announcement will be  relied 
upon as a promise  or representation in  this respect, whether  or not to  the 
past or future.


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