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ChinaCache and PacketZoom Partner to Accelerate Mobile Apps in China

ChinaCache and PacketZoom Partner to Accelerate Mobile Apps in China

BEIJING, Feb. 27, 2017 (GLOBE  NEWSWIRE) -- ChinaCache International  Holdings 
Ltd. ("ChinaCache"  or  the  "Company")   (Nasdaq:CCIH),  the  leading   total 
solutions  provider  of Internet content  and  application  delivery  services 
in China, today announced it  has entered into  an exclusive partnership  with 
PacketZoom, the leading provider of  in-app technology that boosts mobile  app 
performance.  Pursuant to the agreement, ChinaCache is granted exclusive right
in China  to  build  mobile-friendly infrastructure  to  deliver  Packet  Zoom 
Expresslanes™ aimed to accelerate  and improve the  reliability of mobile  app 
content delivery in China.  The term of partnership  is initially three  years 
and is subject to renewal.

“We are pleased to establish this partnership with PacketZoom,” said Mr.  Song 
Wang, Chairman  and  Chief Executive  Officer  of ChinaCache.  "As  a  leading 
provider of enterprise CDN solutions for  mobile apps across China, we  strive 
to ensure the optimal mobile user experience for our customers. We are excited
this partnership allows  us to  speed up  mobile apps  over evolving  cellular 
networks and improve  the user experience  for popular local  apps as well  as 
global apps operating in China.”

“With almost 1.3 billion  mobile users in some  of the most densely  populated 
cities globally, it's  no surprise that  mobile user experience  has become  a 
priority for content  providers,” said  Shlomi Gian, CEO  of PacketZoom.  “The 
combination of PacketZoom’s  Mobile Expresslanes™ for  last mile  optimization 
with ChinaCache  edge  servers  and  middle mile  optimization  is  the  ideal 
solution for optimal  mobile app  experience - especially  in crowded  markets 
where networks can be overworked.”

About ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.
ChinaCache International  Holdings Ltd.  (Nasdaq:CCIH)  is the  leading  total 
solutions provider of  Internet content and  application delivery services  in 
China. As a carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache's network in China is
interconnected  with  networks  operated   by  all  telecom  carriers,   major 
non-carriers and local Internet service providers. With more than a decade  of 
experience in  developing  solutions  tailored  to  China's  complex  Internet 
infrastructure, ChinaCache is a partner  of choice for businesses,  government 
agencies and other enterprises to  enhance the reliability and scalability  of 
online services and  applications and  improve end-user  experience. For  more 
information on ChinaCache, please visit

About PacketZoom
PacketZoom’s  SDK   redefines  mobile   performance  via   in-app   networking 
technology, customized for  each user.  By removing roadblocks  in the  mobile 
last mile, PacketZoom is able to significantly accelerate performance by 2x to
3x, rescue up to 80% of the  sessions from TCP connection drop and reduce  CDN 
costs. PacketZoom helps mobile publishers  boost app performance worldwide  by 
accelerating  and  improving  reliability   of  content  delivery.  For   more

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