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Trump Restricts or Bans Travel From Eight Countries
Balance of Power: Trump Risks Tax-Cut Penalty With NFL Spat
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Mnuchin Defends Use of Military Plane, Says Needed Secure Line
How Merkel Won and Lost at the Same Time
Full German Election Results
Corbyn Pulls Off Feat of Not Discussing Brexit at Conference
Brexit Talks Leave Tories and Labour Divided
Brexit Sound and Fury Fades as EU Moves On to Bigger Themes
What’s Next for New Zealand After Its Stalemate Election
Puerto Ricans Note Trump Tweeting Fails to Mention Their Plight
Deutsche Bank Says Economy Not Top Issue for Voters
DIHK's Wansleben Says Germany Needs Strong Government
Berenberg Says Germany's AFD Party Will Make Noise
Horizon's Valliere Says Merkel Was Knocked Down a Peg
Panama Min. Says Anonymous Corporations Are in the Past

Here's How the Senate GOP Plan Would Change Health Care

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