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Brooke Sample
The Arctic’s brief age of innocence is over. The US and its allies must prepare for geopolitical tensions that are bound to creep ever further north.
Matthew Yglesias
Passing legislation to raise the US’s borrowing capacity was easier than a lot of members of Congress thought it would be — but addressing the debt itself will be a lot harder. 
Niall Ferguson
Will electric vehicles change the world as much as railroads and internal-combustion engines did in centuries past?
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Imran Khan on Election Timeframe

Imran Khan said to Bloomberg in an interview that Pakistan’s military establishment wanted to stop his opposition party from winning the next election. Representatives of the government and the military didn’t respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment on Khan’s claims. Both have previously said that Khan and his supporters crossed the line with the attacks on state-owned property. (Source: Bloomberg)

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US-China Handshake Fails to Stem Fear of Conflict

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