Trump Says He Hopes He Can Blame Democrats for Bad Economy

“The numbers are getting worse and worse all the time. If they get real bad, I hope it happens fast, so I don’t have to -- they’ll all blame me. You’ll end up winning and your first day, the economy crashes because of some incompetent people before me,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says at Ashburn, Va., rally.

  • “We’ll get it straightened out but we’ll certainly blame them, OK? We’re gonna blame them”
  • Says Harrisburg, Pa., “looked like a war zone” when he flew over it yday
  • Says U.S. needs manufacturing jobs, not more nursing homes
    • On Virginia plant closures: “You’re doing lousy over here”
  • Says he will impose 35% tariff on goods from companies that left U.S. and are trying to sell products here
  • Says Caterpillar, not Komatsu, will help build U.S.-Mexico border wall if he’s elected
  • Says German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “not going to be elected” because of rising crime amid influx of refugees and immigrants
  • Says Democrats getting to appoint next Supreme Court justices would lead to “another Venezuela”
  • On veteran who gave him a Purple Heart medal: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier”
  • Says New York Times will be out of business in 3 years
  • Says “there’s something phony” about some recent polls
  • “You can get the baby out of here,” he tells audience member with crying infant, saying he was “kidding” earlier that he was OK with the child interrupting his speech

Donald Trump Kicks Crying Baby Out of Rally