Trump Aide Says Cruz Likely to Blame Trump for Next Scandal

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is likely to lay the blame on Donald Trump after a lawyer of the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “D.C. Madam,” says he’s seeking to release phone records, according to Trump aide Stephen Miller at a rally in Eau Claire, Wis., Saturday.

  • “Did you all notice that Senator Ted Cruz himself brought up the Enquirer story? Who has ever heard of a candidate bringing up a hit pieces on him to avoid talking about the issues?” Miller says
  • “Just like I’m sure we might see in the next few days Ted Cruz might bring up the D.C. madam story that’s out there now and say we planted that too. That’s how much Ted Cruz doesn’t want to talk about the issues,” Miller says
  • NOTE: Montgomery Blair Sibley, who at one time represented Palfrey, is now asking the Supreme Court to lift a gag order preventing him from releasing her telephone records that he says could impact the 2016 race
  • NOTE: Trump Denies Involvement in Enquirer Story Alleging Cruz Affairs