Trump Denies That Campaign Manager Roughed Up Female Reporter

Donald Trump on Thursday night denied that his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, got physical with Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a recent campaign rally when she tried to ask the Republican front-runner a question.

"I don't think it ever happened," Trump told reporters after a Republican debate at the University of Miami. "Because he was surrounded by Secret Service agents, many of them who were with me, and I didn't see anything happen."

After Lewandowski denied roughing her up, Fields posted a photo Thursday of bruises on her arm as evidence. Politico published audio of the incident.

Twitter: Michelle Fields on Twitter

Asked if he saw the bruises, Trump responded, "I don't know what—how did they get there? But I can tell you, the Secret Service people don't seem to think that anything happened. And you have to check her out. Just check her out."

Fields on Thursday night offered to join Lewandowski in taking a lie detector test about the incident.