Bloomberg Faces Unique Moment to Run, His Pollster Tells Washington Post

Record levels of interest in an independent presidential candidate, 42% of voters self-identifying as independent create “unique moment in the country’s history” for Michael Bloomberg to mount presidential campaign, Bloomberg pollster Doug Schoen tells Washington Post.

  • Says “most Americans are looking for a true nonpartisan leader”
  • Bloomberg’s national name recognition still low, as more voters learn about him support will grow, Schoen says
    • “Voters will respond enthusiastically to someone who has a proven record of leadership and fiscal management, as well as a broad agenda for fiscal reform and discipline”
  • Says voter enthusiasm for “broad agenda for fiscal reform” will go beyond Bloomberg’s positions on gun control, immigration, abortion
  • NOTE: New York Times reported over the weekend Bloomberg has instructed advisers to draw up plans for potential independent campaign
    • Bloomberg considering run if Bernie Sanders is Democratic nominee, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is Republican nominee, paper said
  • NOTE: Bloomberg, who is former mayor of New York City, is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP