Rubio: Paris Attacks Wake-Up Call to ‘Clash of Civilizations’

“This is not a geopolitical issue where they want to conquer territory and it’s two countries fighting against each other. They literally want to overthrow our society and replace it with their radical, Sunni Islamic view of the future,” Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio says in video after Paris attacks.

  • “This is not a grievance-based conflict. This is a clash of civilizations, for they do not hate us because we have military assets in the Middle East. They hate us because of our values. They hate us because young girls here go to school. They hate us because women drive. They hate us because we have freedom of speech, because we have diversity in our religious beliefs. They hate us because we’re a tolerant society”
  • “This is a clash of civilizations and either they win or we win”