Photographer: Alex Wong/Getty Images
White House

Photos: Girl Scouts Take Over the White House Lawn

About 50 Girl Scouts camped out on the White House lawn Tuesday evening, at least until rain and thunder storms forced a move inside to a nearby conference room. The event was to promote outdoor activities and national parks. While the weather held out, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama joined the girls on the lawn for knot-tying and songs. “What are you guys doing in my yard?” the president joked when he arrived. “When did you guys show up?”

  1. All tied up
    Photographer: Alex Wong/Getty Images

    All tied up

    The first lady joins Girl Scouts on the White House lawn for a lesson in tying knots.

  2. Brace yourself
    Photographer: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    Brace yourself

    The president gears up for a group hug.

  3. They're huggers
    Photographer: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    They're huggers

    More girl scouts go in for the hug.

  4. Campfire tunes
    Photographer: Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Campfire tunes

    The president sings songs with fourth-grade girl scout Daphnye Shell. “You guys sound pretty good,” the president said, noting that the first lady was “rocking out.”

  5. Singing around the “fire”
    Photographer: Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Singing around the “fire”

    As dusk falls, the president, first lady, and girl scouts have a song session around a makeshift campfire. On his way out, the president joked, “I've got to work. I'm not allowed to have fun.” He added teasingly, “You guys better clean up this mess—when I wake up in the morning.”