Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
New York

Views From Hillary Clinton's First Campaign Rally

The former New York senator takes the next step of her political career in the state where it all began.

Hillary Clinton held the first rally and delivered the first stump speech of her 2016 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination Saturday under a hot sun on New York City's Roosevelt Island.

The former secretary of state spoke of her own history and pledged she would work to rebuild the middle class if elected. The event as seen through the lens of Bloomberg photographer Andrew Harrer.

  1. Threat of clouds
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Threat of clouds

    Supporters arrive Saturday to the Hillary Clinton campaign rally at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Clouds initially threatened the event, but the weather cleared in time for the speech.

  2. Hillary swag
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Hillary swag

    A volunteer wears a hat with the signature Clinton logo at the merchandise table before the campaign rally Saturday.

  3. Advisers
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg


    John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign chairman, center, talks to media adviser Jim Margolisbefore the rally.

  4. All for me?
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    All for me?

    Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton greeted an enthusiastic crowd of about 5,500, according to campaign officials.

  5. Personal history
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Personal history

    Clinton spoke about her own mother, Dorothy Rodham, frequently during the speech, saying Rodham had kept her going during tough fights and inspired her to see potential in herself.

  6. Populist themes
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Populist themes

    "Prosperity can't be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers," she said during her speech, which outlined four big fights, including support for the middle class. "Democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations."

  7. Family event
    Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Family event

    Hillary Clinton's son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky; daughter, Chelsea Clinton; and husband, former President Bill Clinton joined her on stage of her speech Saturday.