The White House/Flickr

Dreaming of a White House Christmas

For most families, the holiday season is filled with potential photo ops, and that's no different for the ones that happen to call the White House home. Here's a look back at Christmas snapshots of presidents, first ladies, kids and pets. 

  1. Fun With Figurines
    Photograph by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Fun With Figurines

    Laura Bush showcases some White House decorations in 2001.
  2. Elves do the Darndest Things

    Elves do the Darndest Things

    The Obama family poses with a group of mischievous elves in 2013.
  3. A Gift He Can Use
    Hulton Archives/Getty Images

    A Gift He Can Use

    Franklin Roosevelt examines his gift from the Army around 1942. The globe shows areas where the U.S. was fighting.
  4. Socks and a Stocking
    The U.S. National Archives/Fickr

    Socks and a Stocking

    The Clintons' cat Socks waits for Santa under the Blue Room tree in 1993.
  5. Home for the Holidays
    The U.S. National Archives/Flickr

    Home for the Holidays

    Susan Ford, Daughter of Betty and Gerald Ford, hangs out by the tree at home in Alexandria, Va., in 1961.
  6. Topping Things Off

    Topping Things Off

    Barbara Bush demonstrates her juggling abilities and comfort with heights, holding her grandson while topping the National Christmas Tree in 1992.
  7. Holiday Style
    Kennedy Library Archives/Newsmakers

    Holiday Style

    John and Jacqueline Kennedy pose at a White House Christmas party in 1962.
  8. Right on the Button
    Photograph by Luke Frazza/AFP

    Right on the Button

    The Clintons prepare to light the National Christmas Tree in 1993.