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Thanksgivings Past: From Cranberry Health Scares to Unpardonable Turkeys

Political Thanksgivings are a lot like your family's celebrations. Some years it's just a peaceful sit-down and others it's chaos. Here are some images from Thanksgivings of yore, some serene and some decidedly less so. 

  1. The Other Red Scare (Part I)

    The Other Red Scare (Part I)

    This 1959 political cartoon depicts that year's "Cranberry Crisis." It was feared that cranberries had been exposed to a carcinogenic chemical.
  2. The Other Red Scare (Part II)

    The Other Red Scare (Part II)

    The FDA had to clear cranberries before they were sold.
  3. Reagan-nom-nom-nomics


    The 1987 turkey wanted no part in President Ronald Reagan's pardoning.
  4. Presented With Poultry

    Presented With Poultry

    Harry Truman examines a Thanksgiving bird presented to him by members of the turkey industry.
  5. Operation Dinner Storm

    Operation Dinner Storm

    In 1990 George H.W. Bush ate Thanksgiving dinner with the troops.
  6. I Am Not A Cook

    I Am Not A Cook

    In 1971, First Lady Pat Nixon accepted the live turkey.
  7. New Deal Meal

    New Deal Meal

    Franklin Roosevelt carves the Thanksgiving Turkey at his Georgia retreat, Warm Springs.