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How to Plant a Tree at an International Summit

Thanks to the 20 world leaders who participated in Tuesday's tree-panting ceremony at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, the world is a greener place. More of a photo opportunity than an actual tree-planting—the evergreens were actually put in the ground before the leaders arrived—Tuesday's ceremony in a Beijing suburb did yield some amusing pictures. Here's sampling:

  1. Nail the wide shot
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    Nail the wide shot

    It doesn't get any better than this
  2. Dive right in
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    Dive right in

    Despite his formal attire, President Obama got into the spirit tree-planting ceremony, scooping up a healthy shovel full of dirt.
  3. Be confident
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    Be confident

    No stranger to showing off his machismo, Putin looked at ease while shoveling earth.
  4. Use proper posture
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    Use proper posture

    Putin displayed questionable posture when pouring a bucket full of water over the roots of his assigned tree.
  5. Take frequent breaks
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    Take frequent breaks

    Enjoying the scenery, Putin stopped to survey his progress during the ceremony.
  6. Never wear white
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    Never wear white

    Chile's President Michelle Bachelet flirts with disaster as she takes part in the tree-planting ceremony while wearing a white jacket.
  7. Use the proper tools
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    Use the proper tools

    Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying displayed the proper way to use the wooden bucket and ladle to water the trees.
  8. Be a good host
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    Be a good host

    Chinese President Xi Jingping did his part during Tuesday's ceremony.