Week ending May 27, 2016

More than 7 million people on the voter rolls nationwide also have Spotify accounts. If you sort them by partisan behavior and attitudes, you get "Red" (generally votes for Republicans) "Blue," (generally votes for Democrats) and "Purple" (unaffiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party) listeners. Here are the 25 most popular tracks in each group, along with a "B-side" list, which ignores music common to all groups to highlight songs each group plays at an unusually high rate. (Read more about our methodology.)

MORE ON OUR METHODOLOGY: The Spotify subscriber list was securely matched to publicly available voter records managed by TargetSmart Communications. TargetSmart was able to locate more than 7 million Spotify users on voter-registration rolls nationwide, and—after stripping away all personal information to create a list containing only demographic information and political affiliation—assigned them to three buckets according to the kinds of partisan behavior and attitudes political consultants use to sort voters. Those lists are then matched to Spotify listening data each week to create these charts.