Illustration: Mark Marturello/The Des Moines Register

PARTY: Democrat

BORN: January 18, 1963 in Washington, D.C.

Martin O’Malley

What he’s got: Executive experience as a two-term mayor of Baltimore and two-term governor of Maryland; an extensive, largely consistent liberal record on issues that matter to the Democratic nominating electorate, from gay marriage and immigration to gun control, capital punishment, and the minimum wage; plausible breakout potential in Iowa (where he has spent a ton of time, starting in 1984 as a door-knocker for Gary Hart); a keen understanding of both the tactics and strategies of winning campaigns; a fresh, dauntingly handsome face, boyish charm, and energy to burn.

What he lacks: Even minimal name recognition, let alone an avid following, outside the Old Line State; national security credentials; a shred of evidence that his efforts to court his party’s Elizabeth Warren wing are paying off; an economic message clearly distinct from that of Hillary Clinton—or as clearly distinctive as that of Bernie Sanders; the focus to shine reliably on the stump.

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We Have to Do a Better Job of Policing

O’Malley explains how a desire for justice inspired him to go into politics.


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O’Malley Once Said...


When he’s not running for office, Martin is...

  • Definitely not watching “The Wire,” even after running into the show's creator, David Simon, on the train. O'Malley doesn't love that the show's mayor is partly based on him.
  • Taking selfies for Twitter. (Holding the phone up high is his secret to looking young).
  • Snapchatting.
  • Playing a gig with his Celtic rock band, O’Malley's March.

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