Illustration: Mark Marturello/The Des Moines Register

PARTY: Republican

BORN: February 11, 1953 in Midland, Texas

Jeb Bush

What he’s got: Executive experience and a substantial conservative governing record as two-term Florida governor from 1999 to 2007; high national name recognition; a broad and deep donor network; establishment support up the wazoo; has general election appeal thanks to two terms as a popular governor in Florida, the nation’s largest swing state; support for easing immigration laws and his fluency in Spanish (his wife of more than 40 years is a Mexican-American) may help Republicans reach out to Hispanic voters.

What he lacks: Demonstrated ability to handle deftly questions about his relationship with his older brother’s record and legacy; an organic connection with many factions of the party he hopes to lead; a passionate following within any faction of the party, aside from the donor class; polling strength (especially in the early states) commensurate with his fundraising prowess; consistent ability to deliver a roof-raising speech from a prepared text; appeal as an avatar of next-generation Republicanism; experience in the political trenches during the Obama/Tea Party era.

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There is only one photo from Jeb and Columba’s wedding because his brother Marvin rerolled from a Frank Zappa concert.


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