Illustration: Mark Marturello/The Des Moines Register

PARTY: Republican

BORN: September 18, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan

Ben Carson

What he’s got: Passionate following from his Fox News hits, writing, and public appearances; a compelling stump speech and biography; more freedom than other Republicans to speak about race and political correctness; a demeanor that soothes and impresses; an en vogue non-politician resume.

What he lacks: Executive, legislative, and/or political experience; national-security credentials; consistent ability to avoid gaffes, stick to a script, and stay on message; a clear and plausible early-state strategy.

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Ben Carson Can’t Explain Paul Rand’s Anti-Vax Stance

Ben Carson speaks with Bloomberg Politics about vaccinations, and how the government should (or shouldn’t) be involved.


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Did you know...

The TV movie Gifted Hands, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., is based on Carson's autobiography by the same name.


When he’s not running for office, Ben is...

  • Writing a best-selling book (his latest outsold Hillary’s).
  • Staring at that organ he bought and still doesn’t know how to play?
  • Vacationing at Villa Lilly on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.
  • Shaking his head at the Conservative Political Action Committee profile of him that features a picture of Senator Tim Scott?

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