Will the Speakership Be the End of Paul Ryan?
By David Ingold and Adam Pearce | Oct. 28, 2015

This week the House of Representatives is expected to elect Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as the 62nd Speaker of the House. At 45, he will be one of the youngest speakers in history. Yet if his recent predecessors are any guide, Ryan may not be able to hang onto the gavel for long—and the speakership could be his last gig in politics.

Paul Ryan would be the youngest House speaker since 1869...
Only four speakers started in the House at a younger age
The past five speakers averaged 5 years and 3 months at the position
The earliest speakers typically moved on to other government jobs...
Recently, the role has been a speakers’ last federal position
Note: Post-speaker federal government jobs limited to U.S. senator, governor, Supreme Court justice, agency head, vice president and president. Data through Oct. 28, 2015
Born Died
First Elected Speaker