Josh Wingrove

Nafta Deadlock Dashes Hopes for a Quick Deal

Nafta talks are switching gears and slowing down as key obstacles emerge, with Canada and Mexico rejecting what they see as hard-line U.S. proposals and negotiators exchanging their strongest public barbs yet.

Nafta Talks Left Reeling After Aggressive U.S. Proposals Land

After laying out the Trump administration’s most aggressive Nafta demands to date, chief U.S. negotiator John Melle was asked on Sunday how things are progressing. “Fabulous,” he said, smiling and shrugging before entering a negotiating room once more.

U.S. Demands Steel Tracking in Tough Nafta Push on Autos

The U.S. wants to include steel in Nafta’s tracing list and hike the share of a car that originates in America, moves that may increase costs and red tape for automakers, two officials familiar with negotiations said.

U.S. Offers Proposal That Could Kill Nafta in 5 Years

U.S. negotiators on Wednesday presented a proposal for a so-called “sunset clause” that would see the North American Free Trade Agreement expire after five years unless the parties can agree to extend it, according to two people familiar with the talks.

Nafta Negotiators Turn to Thorny Issue as Ministers Arrive

Negotiators are set to focus on one of the most controversial topics in talks to update the North American Free Trade Agreement -- the rules governing the source of inputs for manufactured goods -- as administration officials from the U.S. and Mexico arrive in Canada.

Lighthizer, Freeland and Guajardo Want Their Own Nafta Book Club

The relationship between Nafta’s top three trade chiefs is so chummy they’re joking about starting a book club. Canada’s Chrystia Freeland playfully floated the notion in Newfoundland Tuesday while sidestepping a question over whether U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has ever personally repeated President Donald Trump’s threat to quit Nafta.

Latest Nafta Talks Near End Without Major Breakthroughs

The latest Nafta talks are nearing conclusion without a major breakthrough or agreements on even the least-contentious topics, officials familiar with the negotiations say, fueling doubts among observers that a deal can be reached this year.

Nafta Negotiators Are Said to Tackle Labor, Rules of Origin

Officials from the U.S., Canada and Mexico will start to tackle some of the tougher issues in the North American Free Trade Agreement as they discuss labor, dispute resolution and rules of origin for products at a negotiating session in Mexico City, according to two people familiar with the schedule.

U.S. Says It Aims to Cut Trade Deficits Through Nafta Revamp

President Donald Trump said the U.S. wants to reduce trade imbalances with Mexico and Canada and boost exports of everything from farm goods to financial services as it prepares to kick off talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Jobs, Climate and Steel Highlight Trump’s Effect on the G-20

Donald Trump’s debut Group of 20 summit yielded a concluding statement covered with the U.S. president’s fingerprints. While the meeting was marred by clashes and vandalism in protests throughout Hamburg, inside the summit venue leaders largely avoided the incendiary – striking a deal on trade while agreeing to disagree on climate.

G-20 Forges Trade Compromise as U.S. Tariff Threat Lingers

World leaders reached a compromise on trade at the Group of 20 summit as officials agreed to fight protectionism while tacitly recognizing U.S. President Donald Trump’s concerns about excess steel capacity and what he says are unfair trade practices.

Trump's Steel Wild Card Hangs Over G-20

At Donald Trump’s last global summit, climate policy was his wild card -- he threatened to quit the Paris Agreement while other leaders sought a united front on the environment.