Maria Tadeo

Catalan Separatists Face Their Moment of Truth

The Catalan government’s determination to break from Spain faces its moment of truth, with the region’s president, Carles Puigdemont, risking immediate arrest if he goes too far down the path of independence.

Catalans Face Day of Reckoning as Parliament Weighs Independence

The Catalan government’s determination to break from Spain faces its moment of truth, as the regional parliament meets to consider a declaration of independence that risks an ironclad backlash from Madrid, the threat of economic meltdown and international isolation.

Catalan Independence Supporters Block Major Roads Into Barcelona

Major roads to Barcelona and through eastern Catalonia were blocked in about 17 places as pro-independence protesters made a show of force to coincide with an indefinite general strike some of them are promoting across Spain’s largest regional economy.

Catalans Signal They May Declare Independence Within a Week

Catalan separatist leaders signaled they may be moving toward a unilateral declaration of independence as early as this week after hundreds of activists were injured on Sunday as they sought to stop Spanish police from shutting down an illegal referendum.

Spanish Police Storm Polling Stations to Block Catalan Vote

Spanish police in riot gear smashed in the doors of polling stations and dragged protesters away by the hair, beating some with batons and firing rubber bullets at others on Sunday as they tried to shut down an illegal referendum on independence in Catalonia.

Spain Hires Cruise Liner to House Police in Rebel Catalonia

Spain has discreetly hired ferries to be moored in the Port of Barcelona as temporary housing for possibly thousands of police specially deployed to keep order in rebel Catalonia and help suppress an illegal independence referendum.

Spain Lawmakers Back Spending Plan as Rajoy Seeks Full Term

The Spanish Parliament approved Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s spending proposals for 2018, the first step toward passing a budget, after the minority government agreed to tax cuts and more funding for regions to bring its rivals onside in an effort to cement his term.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Lopez Is Sent Home From Prison

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuela’s most renowned political prisoner, was transferred from military prison to house arrest after three years behind bars, an abrupt about-face by a government rocked by months of violent protests.

Rajoy Gives Up Control of Spain Market Regulator in Brexit Push

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s decision to replace a party loyalist with an independent expert at the head of the markets regulator will help Spain lure companies seeking a new base after Britain leaves the European Union, according to Luis Garicano, head of economic policy at the Spanish liberal party, Ciudadanos.