Andrew Rosati

Venezuela's Maduro Regime Steps Up Crackdown on Dissidents

Venezuela’s government is intensifying its crackdown on critics of President Nicolas Maduro, ordering the detention of the husband of former Public Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz and separate investigations of prominent opposition leaders.

Venezuela Opposition Joins Elections Despite Crackdown

Venezuelan opposition parties, reeling after President Nicolas Maduro installed a legislative super-body that usurps the little power they had, will participate in gubernatorial elections this year, a choice they described as an act of defiance. Yet Maduro’s allies made clear their authoritarian intentions, stating they decide who gets to run for office.

Venezuelan Assembly Will Meet to Defy Constitutional Rewrite

In as little as 24 hours, a clash of powers is set to unfold in the Venezuelan capital’s gold-domed Federal Legislative Palace, where a newly elected legislative super body will attempt to convene alongside the National Assembly, the only arm of government not controlled by President Nicolas Maduro or his allies.

Maduro Waits for U.S. Response After Violent Venezuela Vote

It was political theater at its best when a smiling Nicolas Maduro arrived at a polling place just after dawn Sunday to be among the first to vote for members of a National Constituent Assembly that will rewrite Venezuela’s constitution, and likely aim to upend six decades of democracy.

Violence Flares as Venezuelans Vote to Overhaul Constitution

Police clashed with demonstrators who blocked roads and rallied against a contentious ballot on Sunday that marked the first step toward remaking Venezuela’s constitution in a way that could upend decades of democracy in the oil-producing nation.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Lopez Is Sent Home From Prison

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuela’s most renowned political prisoner, was transferred from military prison to house arrest after three years behind bars, an abrupt about-face by a government rocked by months of violent protests.

Conspiracy Theories Abound After Helicopter Buzzes Caracas

A police officer commandeers a heavily-armed helicopter, buzzes downtown Caracas, disappears; President Nicolas Maduro takes to the airwaves to denounce a “terrorist attack”; the opposition calls it a staged event by the president to justify a power grab.

Venezuela Denounces Rogue Helicopter Incident as Terrorism

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed a former ally for orchestrating an incident in Caracas on Tuesday evening that involved a police helicopter flying over government institutions and allegedly firing shots and dropping grenades from the air.

Maduro Replaces Venezuela's Military Chiefs After Shooting

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shook up his military leadership Tuesday after images of soldiers firing on anti-government demonstrators in Caracas a day earlier provoked a massive outcry across the country’s bitter political divide.

Venezuela Steps Up Harassment of Opponents as Protests Rise

Venezuela’s embattled socialist government stepped up its campaign against the opposition by banning Henrique Capriles, two-time presidential candidate and governor of Miranda state, from holding public office. The opposition responded up calling on Venezuelans to step up protests.

Maduro Hands Wide-Ranging Powers to Venezuela’s Vice President

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has given his vice president wide-reaching decree powers, including the ability to determine ministries’ spending plans and expropriate private businesses, in a move that has fueled speculation over possible succession plans.