Nafeesa Syeed

Venezuela Slams ‘Madness’ as Trump Suggests Military Action

Venezuela will defend itself from the “madness” of Donald Trump, its defense minister said, a day after the U.S. president said he’s considering a military option in response to the escalating political and economic crisis in the oil-producing nation.

Intelligence Leaks Targeted by Sessions Echoing Trump's View

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he’s stepping up efforts to investigate and prosecute leaks of classified information with help from a new counterintelligence unit at the FBI, working to address a top concern of President Donald Trump.

Saudi Warns Qatar of No Room for Negotiation Over Demands

Qatar will remain cut off from its neighbors unless it meets the full demands of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, a senior Saudi official said, even as the top U.S. diplomat continued efforts toward a negotiated settlement.

U.S. Spy Chiefs Differ on Iranian Threat as Trump Rallies Allies

Two top U.S. intelligence officials offered varying takes on Iran’s behavior in the Middle East since signing a nuclear accord, tempering President Donald Trump’s condemnation of the agreement reached during the Obama administration as the “worst deal ever.”

North Korea Missile Test Seen as Step to Put U.S. in Range

North Korea moved one step closer to its “inevitable” goal of developing a long-range, nuclear-armed missile to directly threaten the U.S. through a successful test this month, according to the Pentagon’s intelligence service.

Trump's No Help Recruiting Silicon Valley Techies for U.S. Work

Right after President Donald Trump took office, Mikey Dickerson traveled to Silicon Valley to make a pitch for the U.S. Digital Service, a program he’d run that’s brought hundreds of technologists to Washington to improve the government’s clunky computers and unsecured networks.

Trump's Disclosures Could Risk Foreign Intelligence Ties

President Donald Trump’s decision to disclose allegedly classified information to Russian officials could threaten vital foreign intelligence ties, testing key allies’ confidence in the U.S. just as he heads to the Middle East and Europe.

Trump Adviser Gorka Walks Off Stage at a Discussion of Fake News

Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, under fire for his alleged association with a Hungarian nationalist group and his views on Islam, walked off the stage during a conference in Washington after facing questions from students and protesters he said distracted from other participants.

Trump's Morphed From Spy Agency Critic to Fan, CIA's Pompeo Says

Not long ago Donald Trump was describing U.S. “intelligence” agencies in mocking quote marks and comparing them to Nazi Germany for damaging leaks about him. As a presidential candidate, word was he barely wanted to sit still for top-secret briefings.

WikiLeaks Says It Has CIA Spy Tools as McCain Cites Dangers

The Central Intelligence Agency’s hackers have developed tools letting them break into devices to monitor conversations and messages, according to documents released by WikiLeaks that -- if true -- could expose U.S. operations in countries from North Korea to Iran.

Coats Stuck in Middle as Trump Takes On Intelligence Agencies

Dan Coats will wade into the middle of a fight when he goes before his former colleagues on the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday for a confirmation hearing to serve as director of national intelligence. And it will have little to do with the former senator’s qualifications for the job.

Cyber Espionage Seen Expanding to Grasp Trump Policy Changes

U.S. government agencies, think tanks and political groups should expect an increase in cyber espionage as countries like Iran try to grasp changing foreign and military policies under the new Trump administration, according to an executive with cybersecurity company FireEye Inc.

Trump Team Sounding Out Tech Firms Ahead of Delayed Cyber Order

The Trump administration has quietly consulted technology industry leaders ahead of issuing a delayed executive order on cybersecurity, even as executives have clashed with the White House over policies including the president’s efforts to limit entry to the U.S.

Kelly Tells Lawmakers He Regrets Not Waiting on Entry Ban

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said his agency should have delayed the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown to help smooth its rollout, as a key Republican lawmaker criticized the implementation of border control measures the president says will help prevent terrorism.

Homeland Security Chief Pushes Back on Handling of Travel Ban

Homeland Security chief John Kelly rebutted criticism that his department didn’t know President Donald Trump’s order suspending entry by people from seven nations was coming until it was signed and said his team quickly ensured foreign residents of the U.S. were exempt from the policy.

U.S. Intelligence Sees Gloomy Global Trends for Next Five Years

U.S. intelligence officials paint a dreary next half-decade for incoming President Donald Trump that will see waning American power amid slow growth while China and Russia are emboldened to counter U.S. influence, according to a new global trends report.