Mira Rojanasakul

Mira Rojanasakul is a UI and information designer for Bloomberg Graphics. Previously, she worked as an artist with a penchant for maps. @rjnskl

How the Euro Could Break Up—or Be Saved

We took a look at three scenarios that could lead to the euro splintering—and three that could see the currency coming through the populist wave in even stronger shape.

Global Risk Briefing

Politics is roiling markets as the Trump era dawns, Chinese leadership turns over and major elections sweep through Europe. Bloomberg’s risk map signals where danger lurks.

Tracking Trump's Web of Conflicts

Donald Trump's sprawling business ties at home and abroad raise questions about how his personal interests could influence the policies he’ll pursue as president.

This Is Who Republican Presidential Contenders Follow on Twitter

Presidential candidates like to talk about leadership, but who do they follow? Bloomberg Politics analyzed the Twitter accounts of Republicans eying the White House for clues about their (or their aides') political influences, personal interests, and Internet savvy.