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Merkel Challenger Blasts Thyssen-Tata Deal

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s main challenger slammed a plan by Germany’s iconic Thyssenkrupp AG and India’s Tata Steel Ltd. to cut thousands of jobs as they merge their European steelmaking operations, moving the headquarters out of Germany to the Netherlands.

German Coalition Options: Political Reality, Risk, Repercussions

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opinion-poll lead of close to 15 percentage points is shifting the focus in the final days before the German election to the question of which of three parties -- the Social Democrats, the liberal Free Democrats and the Greens -- will be her coalition partner, or partners, and what that might mean.

Schaeuble Flirts With German Greens as Schulz Jolts Campaign

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble reached out to the Greens saying they missed out on a prime chance to govern at federal level four years ago, as jostling over possible coalitions began less than two weeks from national elections in Europe’s biggest economy.

Schulz Says the Election Isn’t Over Yet

Martin Schulz, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s main election opponent, said the race isn’t over yet and evoked his battle with alcoholism as a young man as a reason to keep fighting.

Merkel's Election Challenges This Time Around: QuickTake Q&A

Angela Merkel, Germany’s first woman chancellor and its first from the communist east, is seeking to make history with her bid to win a record-tying fourth term in elections on Sept. 24. While polls suggest the vote is unlikely to have the drama of the French election in May, there’s potentially even more at stake: Merkel, the continent’s longest-serving leader, has become the face of the European Union in confronting challenges including Brexit, Russia and disagreements with U.S. President Dona

German Diesel Cheating Gives Fuel to Merkel Foes

German carmakers’ cheating on diesel emissions and possible collusion on technology have handed campaign ammunition to parties challenging Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party bloc, which runs the ministry in charge of overseeing the industry.

Germany Summons Turkish Ambassador Over Detained Rights Activist

Germany’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to demand the immediate release of a German human-rights activist, with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman calling the detention a “serious and sad” turn for German-Turkish relations.

Merkel Says U.S. Ties Shouldn't Deter Europe From Own Path

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she remains a “committed trans-Atlanticist” who wants strong ties with the U.S., even as she renewed her warning that reliable relations with her country’s closest post-World War II ally may be a thing of the past.

Macron’s Ascent Stokes a Fight Over Euro in Germany

Emmanuel Macron’s ascent to the French presidency is stoking an election-year fight over the euro in Germany, as the Social Democrats tell Chancellor Angela Merkel his resounding victory is the signal for her to dump fiscal austerity in Europe.

Brexit Rebuff in Berlin Shows Europeans Unfazed by U.K. Election

The U.K. has made little headway in Germany with efforts to push Britain’s case for a beneficial Brexit deal after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government refused to enter into informal contacts, according to officials on both sides with knowledge of the contacts.

Germany Gets Really Serious About Fake News on Facebook

Germany pushed ahead with legislation that threatens social networks such as Facebook Inc. with fines of as much as 50 million euros ($53 million) if they fail to give users the option to complain about hate speech and fake news or refuse to remove illegal content.

IMF Said to Move Toward Greek Bailout Loan in Merkel Boost

The International Monetary Fund is moving toward rejoining Greece’s bailout, according to people familiar with the discussions, suggesting it will meet a condition set by Germany and other euro-area nations for continued aid.

Schaeuble Warns U.K. Against Race to Bottom on Company Taxes

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble cautioned the U.K. against a “race to the bottom” on corporate taxation as it leaves the European Union, saying international agreements to combat the practice will apply even after Brexit.

Merkel Says Europe Controls Its Own Fate in Rebuff to Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed back against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of her refugee policy, the European Union and NATO, saying she’ll stay the course and keep striving for a strong, united Europe.

It’s Merkel vs. Facebook as Germany Heads Into Election Year

While celebrating the 2013 election victory that gave her a third term as German chancellor, Angela Merkel reached over a colleague’s shoulder and removed a German flag from his hand. A video of that small gesture, meant to declutter an image she knew would soon rocket around the globe, went viral on social media as purported evidence of Merkel’s lack of patriotism -- and is now spurring an effort to compel companies like Facebook Inc. to rein in hate speech and fake news.