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Trump Taps McConnell's Ex-Energy Adviser to Lead Regulator

President Donald Trump tapped Neil Chatterjee, who helped coordinate attacks against power-plant emissions rules as a senior adviser to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to lead a federal agency that oversees energy markets and approves pipelines.

U.S. Owns 700 Million Barrels of Oil. Trump Wants to Sell It

The weather was hot and humid on July 21, 1977, the day the U.S. government began stockpiling oil. It started small. Just 412,000 barrels of Saudi Arabian light crude stashed in a Southeast Texas salt cavern. In the wake of the Arab oil embargo, which sent prices through the roof and forced Americans to ration gasoline, creating a national reserve seemed like an obvious way to protect U.S. consumers from global supply shocks.

Trump Proposes Selling Off Half U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve

The White House plan to trim the national debt includes selling off half of the nation’s emergency oil stockpile and the entire backup gasoline supply, part of a broad series of changes proposed by President Donald Trump to the federal government’s role in energy markets.

Trump Repeal of SEC Regulation Signals More to Come

President Donald Trump has overturned an Obama-era anti-corruption rule that would have forced oil, gas and mining companies to disclose payments to foreign governments, becoming the first president in 16 years to take advantage of a law that allows him to rescind a predecessor’s regulations.

Trump Said to Tap Former SEAL, Montana Lawmaker for Interior

President-elect Donald Trump picked Montana Representative Ryan Zinke, a Republican who gets low marks from environmental groups but has bucked his party to protect public land, as his nominee for interior secretary, according to two people familiar with the transition planning.

Former Navy Seal Zinke Considered for Secretary of the Interior

Representative Ryan Zinke, who just won a second term representing Montana in the U.S. House, is being considered by President-elect Donald Trump for Secretary of the Interior, according to two people familiar with the transition team’s deliberations.

Trump Pick of EPA Foe to Lead Agency May Spark Senate Fight

Democrats and conservation groups are laying the groundwork to battle President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of a staunch oil industry ally and chief foe of the Obama administration’s climate agenda to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

Oklahoma’s Pruitt Is Trump’s Pick to Lead Environmental Agency

President-elect Donald Trump is tapping Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, he announced Thursday, placing a chief opponent of the Obama administration’s climate agenda in charge of implementing the nation’s environmental laws.

U.S. to Become Energy Independent by 2020, Continental’s Hamm Says

U.S. on track to become energy independent by 2020, after production curbed by oil downturn, Continental Resources CEO and Donald Trump energy adviser Harold Hamm says on CNBC. Hillary Clinton would continue Obama policy objectives, which would curb oil production, Hamm says Trump would try to reverse Obama policies "on day one" Hamm says reports that he’s being considered for Energy secretary under Trump administration are "speculation" Says has not spoken with Trump campaign about a position

Candidates Should Clarify Natgas Positions: API’s Gerard

During tonight’s presidential debate, oil, gas industry wants "a clear acknowledgment" that natural gas will be a "clear part of U.S. energy policy," American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard says in call with reporters. "Regulatory reform" also a key issue, Gerard says Industry watching for clarification on where candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump stand on energy issues Related: Trump Vows to Speed Energy Projects as Obama Halts Pipeline

Clinton Campaign Investigating RFS Alternatives: Reuters

Hillary Clinton campaign has asked Calif. regulators for advice on revamping Renewable Fuel Standard, Reuters reports. Clinton advisers consulted with Calif. Air Resources Board on whether state’s market-based fuel standard could “replace or augment” RFS, state officials told Reuters NOTE: Unlike RFS, which mandates increasing volumes of renewable fuels in national gasoline supply, Calif. standard requires 10% reduction in carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 2020, but does not mandate ho

Democratic Platform is ‘Missed Opportunity,’ API’s Finkel Says

Democratic platform’s lack of support for oil and gas development is a “missed opportunity” and a reversal of the party’s past position on energy production, American Petroleum Institute V.P. Louis Finkel says in BTV interview. President Obama campaigned on “all of the above” energy strategy and candidates should be discussing how to increase production of “not just oil and gas but more renewables and more clean coal technology,” Finkel says When energy prices rise due to market forces or “overr

Priorities USA Raises $12.1m in May, Has $52m Cash on Hand

Priorities USA, main super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, says donations now total $88m, according to e-mail statement. Donations and commitments total $133m for the cycle, statement says Earlier: Clinton Raises $24.4m in April, Including $107k She Donates

EPA Wins Clout to Fight Toxic Chemicals, But It May Take a While

Hormone-disrupting chemicals used in your shower curtain or water bottle could face stiffer rules under a measure passed by Congress this week. But it will be years before regulators determine if phthalates and thousands of other chemicals are risky and should face restrictions or bans.

Clinton, Trump Lead in New York Primaries: Quinnipiac Poll

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump each enjoy primary-race leads in their home state of New York, though the GOP businessman’s advantage far exceeds that for the ex-secretary of state, a Quinnipiac poll shows. Among likely Democratic voters, Clinton backed by 54%, Sen. Bernie Sanders 42% Among likely GOP voters, it’s Trump 56%, Sen. Ted Cruz 20%, Ohio Gov. John Kasich 19% “The home-court advantage helps both party’s frontrunners in the presidential primaries in New York,” poll

Majority Whip Scalise Says He Doesn’t Want Brokered Convention

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise says he won’t endorse a presidential candidate before Super Tuesday “I want the most conservative candidate who can win,” he says at Bloomberg Government event in Washington “Whoever is on that stage as our nominee will do an incredible job”: Scalise If House Speaker Paul Ryan were running “I’d put him at the top of the field. Not only is he our best ideas guy, he’s the best I’ve seen since Ronald Reagan": Scalise Upcoming House legislation will drive agenda for

Carson Says Staff Shake-Up Coming Next Week

“We are going to certainly be altering some things in the campaign,” Republican presidential contender Ben Carson told Neil Cavuto during an interview on Fox Business Network, according to the Hill. NOTE: Cavuto had asked Carson if he expected a “staff shake-up”

Bush Challenges Trump to One-on-One Debate

“Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place,” Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush says at Forum Club event in Palm Beach, Fla., referring to Donald Trump. NOTE: Bush and Trump will both appear at Jan. 14 Republican presidential debate in Charleston, S.C.

Lindsey Graham Announces He’ll End His White House Bid

“I’m suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the American people,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham announces in video message on his website. Graham says he joined race to “secure” the nation “I’m far more confident today that our party will reject the Obama doctrine of leading from behind” and will restore military, he says

Hogan Gidley Replacing Alice Stewart on Huckabee Campaign

Hogan Gidley, former executive director of HuckPac, will handle media operations for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, following resignation of communications director Alice Stewart, according to e-mail statement from campaign. Earlier: Huckabee’s Communications Director Resigns From Campaign: Fox

Karl Rove Says Multi-Balloted Republican Convention Possible

“Republicans could end up going to a multi-balloted convention for the first time since 1948,” Karl Rove says in TIME interview. Asked whether Donald Trump can win Republican nomination, Rove says “I don’t think he will. I don’t want to say the chances are zero. I think it’s going to be difficult for him to move beyond where he is. The question is who is going to consolidate the not-Trump voters” Most important states this election will be Florida, Virginia and Ohio, Rove says

O’Malley Calls Pfizer-Allergan Merger ‘Fundamentally Unfair’

Pfizer-Allergan merger is “a prime example of how our capitalist economy is not supposed to work,” Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley says in statement. “Recent mergers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries will reduce competition, reduce choice, and raise prices for American consumers,” he says Earlier: Companies Are Renouncing Citizenship With Inversions: Earnest (

Walker to Attend Rubio, Bush Campaign Events Today

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will join Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush at an appearance today before attending reception with Bush’s fellow candidate Marco Rubio, Washington Post reports ( NOTE: Walker dropped out of presidential race Sept. 21; appearances mark first time Walker has appeared publicly with former rivals since then

Carson: Transgender Restrooms Might Solve ‘Uncomfortable’ Issue

Saying “it is not fair” for transgender people “to make everybody else uncomfortable,” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson tells Fusion’s Jorge Ramos that creating separate transgender restrooms might solve that problem ( “I think everybody has equal rights, but I’m not sure that anybody should have extra rights -- extra rights when it comes to redefining everything for everybody else and imposing your view on everybody else,” Carson says in interview “It’s one of

Clinton Says Big Banks Not Suffering From Dodd-Frank

“The big banks today are bigger than they were in 2008,” Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton says in New Hampshire; “It’s not like Dodd-Frank has really strangled them.” Clinton also says she was relieved by yday’s House vote to reauthorize Ex-Im Bank “Senate needs to do exactly the same,” she says

Labor Union AFSCME Endorses Hillary Clinton

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees says two-thirds of its 1.6m members would vote for Hillary Clinton in Democratic primary election, according to e-mail stmt. Related: Clinton Receives National Education Association Endorsement

Delaware Governor Endorses Clinton After Biden Declines to Run: News Journal

After Vice President Joe Biden announced he won’t run for president, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell says Hillary Clinton “is the strongest candidate,” Jonathan Starkey, of the News Journal of Wilmington, Del., reports. Wilmington, Del., Mayor Dennis Williams also backs Clinton, according to his twitter account. NOTE: Moves are among the first endorsements from Biden loyalists since he announced he won’t run

Wilmington’s Williams Among Mayors Backing Hillary Clinton, Campaign Says

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will announce today that she has support of 50 current and former black mayors incl African American Mayors Association President and Columbia, S.C., Mayor Steve Benjamin. Others incl Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Kasim Reed of Atlanta, and Dennis Williams of Wilmington, the largest city in Joe Biden’s state of Delaware NOTE: Endorsement comes as observers wait to see if Vice President Biden will enter the race “I’ll solicit their ideas and exp

Jeb Bush’s Energy Plan Boosts Oil, Targets Federal Regs

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush says he would lift ban on crude oil exports, approve Keystone XL pipeline and give states more authority over resource development, according to web post set to publish today. “Washington should generally defer to the will of states and tribes” on oil and gas development, Bush says in the post, citing Alaska and Virginia as examples of states constrained by Obama administration Plan also vows to boost energy research funding and “create a level playing

Bush’s Tax Plan Won’t Incl Debt Deduction for Small Biz: Fortune

A source close to Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush’s campaign says the candidate’s tax plan -- which eliminates a deduction for corporate borrowing costs -- will not include an exception for small businesses, Fortune reports. Source says Bush would argue that other provisions — such as full expensing and lower corporate tax rates — would compensate for loss of interest deductions

Clinton Unveils Energy Plan with Focus on Pipelines

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s energy plan would modernize pipeline system, “close the loophole” that allows cos. to ship tar sands crude without paying into Oil Spill Liability Fund, according to outline posted on her website today. Other provisions focus on increasing pipeline and rail regulation, instituting North American climate compact that would build upon Clean Power Plan and incl. methane emission reduction targets See also Medium post on Keystone today; related sto

Goldman CEO Sees Trump’s Appeal, Can’t Imagine His Presidency

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said he hopes Donald Trump’s popularity indicates voters are looking for someone willing to negotiate across the aisle, but that “it’s hard to imagine his finger on the button,” Bloomberg’s Michael J. Moore reports. Full story

12 GOP Candidates To Attend Heritage Action Forum

Confirmed candidates at Heritage Action’s Take Back America forum Sept. 18 are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Gov. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal. Forum in Greenville, S.C., will be co-hosted by S.C. Gov.Nikki Haley, Heritage Foundation President and former S.C. Sen. Jim DeMint

Pataki Says He Would Have Fired Kim Davis

Republican presidential contender George Pataki says in CNN interview he would have fired Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, if she worked for him. Regardless of relgious belief, “you have to follow the law,” he says

O’Malley Urges U.S. to Welcome 65k Syrian Refugees

“We must do more to support Syrian refugees -- and we must certainly welcome more than the proposed 5,000 to 8,000 refugees next year,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says in stmt. “Today our policies are falling short of our values": Stmt Earlier: Kerry Says U.S. Can Do More to Aid Syrian Refugees

Trump Pads Lead, Carson Up to Second in National GOP Poll

Billionaire Donald Trump has increased his backing since last month’s debate of Republican presidential contenders, with Ben Carson moving into second, a Monmouth University nationwide poll of GOP voters show. The poll “speaks volumes to the low regard GOP voters have for the establishment,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute Trump leads large pack of contenders with 30%, up 4 pts from before Aug. 6 debate; Carson at 18%, up by 13 pts Jeb Bush

Rubio To Discuss Energy Policy in Oklahoma City on Sept. 2

Republican presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio will discuss his energy policy ideas at event hosted by Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Assn., according to e-mail stmt from his campaign. NOTE: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke at OIPA event Aug. 15

Clinton Campaign Signs Fundraising Agreement w/ DNC: Wash. Post

Agreement between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee will allow Clinton to raise funds for both the national party and state parties for use in the general election, the Washington Post reports. NOTE: Funds raised will be available to Democratic nominee

Trump Has Until Sept. 30 to Sign S.C. No-Third-Party Pledge: AP

To appear on South Carolina primary ballot, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump must agree to pledge ruling out third-party by Sept. 30, AP reports. “I hereby affirm that I generally believe in and intend to support the nominees and platform of the Republican Party in the November 8, 2016 general election,” reads the state’s 2016 presidential primary filing form, sent to the campaigns in June. Other states considering similar language: AP NOTE: S.C. primary scheduled for Feb. 20, earl

Conservative Iowa Radio Host Steve Deace Endorses Cruz

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz “has proven courage of conviction” and has what it takes “to actually defeat the GOP establishment for the nomination,” radio host Steve Deace says in stmt on Cruz’s website. In same stmt, Cruz says Deace “is a truth-teller, a courageous conservative, and a powerful voice for liberty” NOTE: In 2007, Deace endorsed former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee, who went on to score upset win in Iowa’s 2008 GOP caucuses; Huckabee running again in 2016 Republican race

State Dept Says Clinton Aides’ BlackBerrys Likely Gone: Politico

State Dept. official says in court filing that BlackBerrys issued to former Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin were probably destroyed or sold as surplus, Politico reports. NOTE: Conservative group Judicial Watch filed suit to obtain records relating to Abedin’s employment with Clinton

Clinton to Announce Plan To Help Students Who Are Parents

The latest component of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s college affordability plan will incl child care programs on campus and scholarships aimed at students who are parents, according to e-mail stmt. Plan would create Student Parents in America Raising Kids (SPARK) program, which will award scholarships up to $1,500 per year, benefiting up to 1m student parents Earlier story: Hillary Clinton to Outline $350 Billion College Affordability Pitch

Trump Leads Iowa GOP Field, Rubio Seen as Debate Winner: Poll

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is backed by 17% of likely Iowa GOP caucus voters, according to Suffolk University Poll. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker runs second with 12%, Sen. Marco Rubio at 10%, Sen. Ted Cruz and neurosurgeon Ben Carson tied at 9% Trump’s support lower among those who watched Aug. 6 Fox News debate; 55% of viewers polled said they were less comfortable with his candidacy 23% of viewers said Rubio was strongest debater, followed by Carson with 22% NOTE: 500 likel

Clinton’s Higher Ed Proposal ’Fiscally Irresponsible’: Bush

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s $350b college education proposal “would raise taxes, increase government debt, and double-down on the failed Obama economic policies” that have led to “sluggish economic growth, rising college costs,” Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush says on website. Earlier story: Hillary Clinton to Outline $350 Billion College Affordability Pitch

Rubio Says Iran Nuclear Deal Is Nonbinding ‘Piece of Paper’

New administration could decide to reimpose sanctions against Iran, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio says in interview with Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg. “I’m not sure we’re going to have 67 senators” to reach veto-proof majority in vote against deal, Rubio says

Clinton Blasts Walker, Bush for ’Assault on Women’s Health’

In new campaign video, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton blasts Republican candidates Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry for calling to defund Planned Parenthood; says she is “proud” to stand by organization. Video accuses Walker of defunding Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin, leaving women “stranded with nowhere to turn” Says Bush in Florida “funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into abstinence-only programs while gutting funds for crucial family planning programs” Says Perry

Clinton To Discuss Cuba Policy in Miami on Friday: Herald

Hillary Clinton will speak in support of President Obama’s Cuba policy in Miama appearance, Miami Herald reports. NOTE: Miami is hometown of Republican presidential contenders Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who oppose president’s policy

Koch Network To Share Voter Data with RNC-Aligned Firm: Post

Deal involving a data management co means that the eventual 2016 GOP presidential nominee will possess voter file with data from other Republican contenders and Koch-backed groups incl Americans for Prosperity, the Washington Post reports. Data Trust, which has exclusive list-exchange agreement with Republican National Committee, will swap information with i360, a co that manages its own database for the political network backed by Charles and David Koch